Apple CEO Tim Cook Says 4-Year Degree Is Not Necessary To Be A Master In Coding

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We all live in a digital world with our phones, our cars, our banks, and our hospitals – nearly every aspect of our lives depend on computer code. As a result, coding skills, or computer programming, are becoming core skill requirements for many well-paying jobs. Millions of young students spend their four-year to master computer programing, for the values these skills could give them in the job market. However, the Apple CEO feels that a four-year degree is not really necessary to excel at coding and termed it an old traditional view.

Tim Cook’s Surprise Visit

Earlier this week Tim Cook visited Ornaldo, Florida to meet 16-year-old Liam Rosenfeld who is a coder. He is one of the 350 scholarship winners attending Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) next month in San Jose, California, MacRumors. On a surprise meet with a young coder, cook said he does not think a four-year degree is necessary to be a master at coding. He believes it is an old, traditional view.

Tim Cook

“I don’t think a four-year degree is necessary to be a master at coding. I think that’s an old, outdated traditional view. What we found out is that if we can get coding in the early grades and have a progression of difficulty over the tenure of somebody’s high school years, by the time you graduate kids like Liam, as an example of this, they’re already writing apps that could be put on the App Store,” TechCrunch quoted Cook as saying on Friday.

Tim Cook attended a conference in Orlando last week that witnessed SAP and Apple expanding there partnership by focusing on new enterprise apps taking advantage of technologies like machine learning and augmented reality.

On the conference, Cook claimed, that despite all the technological advancements in recent years, many businesses are still using very old technologies. But with more solutions from SAP and Apple and tech-savvy employees of the future like Rosenfeld, that could change.




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