Why Is VPN Technology On Everyone’s Lips These Days?

If you like being up to date with everything that happens around you, you’ve probably heard about VPN technology. Most tech-related blogs discuss this topic, as introducing internet users to this tool is really important.

Therefore, if you’re interested in learning the key aspects describing this technology, you’re in the right place. VPNs improve the way we surf the web and keep our online data secure. This is one of the reasons why is on everyone’s lips these days. Still, there are a lot of things you can do with a VPN, and I am about to reveal them all to you.


But first…

What is actually a VPN?

A VPN is a technology specially designed to enhance users’ internet security, anonymity, and privacy. In the last couple of years, the VPN became really popular due to its ease of use and efficiency.

The whole idea behind using a VPN is that this tool is capable of creating a secure and private network over a public network. More precisely, the VPN creates a private bridge between your device and the internet, securely transporting your data to its destination on the web.


How does this technology work?

VPN technology has a complex basis, no wonder why it is such a complete solution for multiple online purposes.

To work, the VPN combines a VPN server with a VPN protocol and an encryption standard. Anytime a VPN connection is activated, the VPN server takes control by getting your data into its protective hands and changing your IP address. Then, helped by the encryption standard and the VPN protocol, it securely encrypts your data and sends it to its destination on the web. This whole process grants you a 100% private and secure internet connection, as your data is encrypted and your IP address is changed. This process happens back and forth, so your ISP or hackers are unaware of your online activities, personal information, and, of course, your real location.

Why is VPN technology so popular?

There’s not only one but plenty of good reasons why VPN users look to choose the best VPN for their online purposes.


The popularity of this technology is growing from a day to another, and here’s why VPN users need this technology for:

  • To encrypt online data. The military-grade encryption ensures the privacy of your data. By using high-encrypting standards and ultra-secure VPN protocols, this technology helps you rest assured that hackers will be incapable to decrypt your data, to have access to personal information/information you send over the internet.
  • Securing an internet connection. Internet security is something to aim for in these challenging days. With all the dangers hiding at the Internet’s corner, besides antiviruses and other security tools, VPNs are also a must.
  • Hiding the real IP address. Online privacy and anonymity should concern you. Net Neutrality is a concept that will soon be extinct, so you need to fight for your rights to anonymity and privacy. Using a VPN is clearly something to start with, as hiding your IP address is the first thing to do when you want to keep what you do online anonymous.
  • Bypass internet censorship. Not only that we face a more dangerous Internet day by day, but also, internet censorship is taking the internet by storm. We all have the right to access any piece of information we need or to speak freely, without barriers. Countries like China or Egypt are infringing internet users’ right to have access to whatever information they want. Therefore, if you live in a country where your online rights are put under scrutiny, use a VPN and surf freely.
  • Get access to geo-blocked content. To feel online and connected, you need access not only to online publications or news websites but also to your social media accounts or media streaming services. Socializing without restrictions is clearly a right any person should have, and a VPN helps you conquer it.
  • Securing Tor connections. Using the Tor browser is acceptable until one point. Yes, Tor enables private communication but is definitely not 100% secure. By using a VPN while visiting Tor websites is the right thing to do to stay away from being put under ISP’s surveillance and to ensure your peace of mind that you won’t end up in a wrong and unsecured node.
  • Securing file-sharing activities. Downloading torrents is safe and legal if there are no copyrighted content involved. Still, this kind of online activity requires extra security. By using a VPN for torrenting, you can secure your torrenting activities pretty easily.
  • Better online performance. Did you know that your ISP is constantly monitoring your online activities and can shape your bandwidth based on the online activities you perform? Therefore, if you’re a heavy streamer, an activity that requires a lot of bandwidth, your ISP can decide to throttle your connection. When you use a VPN, your online activities are private and unknown to your ISP. By simply enabling your VPN connection anytime you go online, you can clearly enhance your overall online experience.

I am not a tech-savvy. Are VPNs suitable for me?

Are you concerned that you don’t have enough tech knowledge on how to use the VPN at its full potential? Using a VPN is super simple, especially since there are VPN apps to do the job.

Installing the VPN software on your device is an easy task that works like installing any other app on
your device. As soon as the app is successfully installed, you will need to log in and to click the big Connect button.


From that point on, the app will do its job automatically, and you won’t need to intervene in the process.

Actually, in my opinion, the hard task is to find the right VPN provider to meet your needs. After this the mission is accomplished, what comes next is easy-peasy.

Are you ready to take your online activities at the next level?

Living in the era of technology requires open-mindedness. Being open to learning about new technologies is the right thing to do and giving VPNs a chance is the right thing to start with. So, good luck!