Kangana Ranaut Slams Swara Bhaskar For ‘Doing Chaploosi’ For Karan Johar

Several Bollywood celebs and prominent filmmakers have come under fire after the debate on nepotism reignited after Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. One prominent director and talk show host was especially targetted by fans, as he is considered to be the face of Bollywood’s nepotism problem.

Kangana Ranaut Slams Swara Bhaskar
Courtesy: YouTube.com

Recently, Swara Bhasker took to social media to back the prominent director, claiming that he stayed calm and collected when Kangana Ranaut accused him of nepotism. Team Kangana Ranaut’s twitter just hit back against Swara Bhasker and called her out for supporting the host accused of nepotism.


Just a few days ago, Swara Bhasker took to Twitter to support a talk show host/director who was accused of nepotism. In her post, Swara Bhasker asked people to acknowledge the fact that the host took the nepotism accusations with grace. She also claimed that he responded to the questions without taking any personal offence.

Moreover, he did not remove his comments on nepotism from the episode. Swara Bhasker also shared a clip of Kangana Ranaut’s interview with the host, where she called him out for nepotism. Kangana Ranaut’s team later responded to Swara Bhasker’s post. Below is Team Kangana Ranaut’s response to Swara Bhasker.

In the post, Team Kangana Ranaut called out Swara Bhaskar and stated that Kangana graced the show only after many requests. Moreover, Kangana Ranaut’s team pointed out that Kangana was the superstar and the host was paid by the channel, so he had no control over what to add and remove from the show.


Finally, Kangana Ranaut’s team stated that the actor did not need the show to reach her massive fan following.