Javed Akhtar trolls Kangana on Live TV; says ‘don’t consider her Important’

Javed Akhtar during a recent interview responded to Kangana Ranaut’s praises over his remarks on Pakistan. The lyricist called the actress ‘unimportant.’

26/11 attackers comment

Javed Akhtar, who drew much attention after his 26/11 attackers comment, surprisingly found support in actor Kangana Ranaut. While the Bollywood actress who is often seen at odds with Javed, praised him for his words, now it seems like the lyricist wasn’t really impressed with her reaction as he refused to talk about it.


During his address at the literary festival, Javed exploded his heart against Pakistan over terrorism. He didn’t think twice before slamming Pakistan for the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai.

At the event in Pakistan, Javed said in Urdu, “The attackers weren’t from Norway, or from Egypt. They are still present in your country, so you should not be offended if an Indian complains about this.” He added that while India has hosted several Pakistani artists in the past, Pakistan has never hosted singers like Lata Mangeshkar.

Kangana’s praise

Reacting to a video from the event, Kangana Ranaut praised Javed’s remark and called his comment “Ghar me ghus ke maare (Attacked at their own land)”.


Kangana tweeted, “Whenever I listen to Javed Saab’s poetry I feel like Goddess Saraswati has indeed blessed him, but see there must be some truth within a person that is why divinity resides within him. Jai Hind. He made them listen to the truth in their own land.”

Her rare tweet was a big surprise for social media users as Javed had earlier filed a defamation complaint against the actor in November 2020. He claimed that the Bollywood actress had hinted at him during an interview while referring to a ‘coterie’ existing in Bollywood, following the turn of events after Sushant Singh Rajput’s death in 2020. In response, Kangana had also issued a counter-complaint in the court against him for alleged ‘extortion and criminal intimidation’.

Javed’s reaction

After Kangana praised the lyricist, it seems like Javed wasn’t really impressed with her reaction, as he refused to talk about it. While talking to NDTV, the anchor questioned the lyricist about his opinion on Kangana’s comment, Javed first ignored him and said, “What is the next question?”. The anchor further pressed him and said, “It is an important remark made by Kangana. How do you respond to that?” Javed replied, “I don’t consider Kangana important so how can she make an important remark. Forget about her. Chaliye aage (Let’s move forward)”.


Here’s the video: