Here’s why Swara Bhasker is ‘shedding tears’ in a viral video

Bollywood actress Swara Bhasker recently got married to Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Fahad Ahmad in a private ceremony in Delhi. The videos and photos from the event are now going viral on social media.

The Viral Bidaai ceremony

Swara Bhasker recently got emotional during her ‘Bidaai ceremony’. In the viral video, Swara can be seen accompanied by her friends, relatives, and mother Ira Bhaskar, who is a Professor of Cinema Studies at the School of Arts and Aesthetics at Jawaharlal Nehru University. Everyone, including Swara’s mother, her brother Ishaan and friends can be seen teary-eyed in the video.


Swara and Fahad registered their wedding in court on January 6, 2023, under the Special Marriage Act. They managed to keep it under wraps for over a month. Recently, the couple celebrated their marriage by following the Indian traditions in Delhi.

In a video going viral on Social Media now, we see Swara breaking down during her ‘bidaai ceremony’ as her father, C Uday Bhaskar, who is a retired Indian Navy officer and served as Commodore during his service, read a poem. Swara is seen standing in a pink lehenga and gold jewelry. She is standing beside Fahad, her brother Ishan Bhasker and her mother Ira Bhasker.

The actress’s dad reads an emotional poem wishing that she keeps on smiling for life and gets a lot of love in her sasural (in-laws). He also wishes she gets all the happiness in the world.


While he is not visible in the video, we can hear him saying, “Muskurati rahe tu Swara umar bhar, jay dil sada tera khilta rahe. Pyaar sasusral ka milta rahe. Tere angan mein rukhsaar rahe her khushi. Bus mohabbat-mohabbat mile.”

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