Is This The Real Face Of Sonu Sood? Netizens Troll Him For Sharing A Cartoon On ‘No Data For Migrant Deaths’


Sonu Sood, who is hailed as the lockdown superhero, for he not only sent thousands of migrant workers back to their homes but is also helping them by providing them with job opportunities, got massively trolled for sharing a cartoon on “no data on migrant deaths” featuring himself.

Why is Sonu Sood getting trolled?


His tweet, a re-post of a cartoon, is being seen as a dig at the government. Is it fair on Sonu’s side to post such things after being the God of migrants?


What does the cartoon show?

The cartoon shows PM Narendra Modi asking Sonu Sood about the “data on migrants deaths” during the lockdown. To this, he responds in the cartoon, “Sorry sir, I was busy saving them.”

Retweeting this picture, Sood wrote, “You are awesome bhai”


There is “no data” on migrant deaths during the coronavirus lockdown, so the question of compromising the families of those who died does not arise. That’s what the government had said in the parliament session, which invited a lot of public outrage. Later, the government clarified that by no data, it mean there was “no mechanism” to collect such data in districts

No such data is maintained. Question does not arise in view of the above”, Labour Minister Santosh Gangwar told Lok Sabha in a written reply. This has invited a lot of criticism from the opposition.

The Modi government does not know how many migrant labourers died and how many jobs were lost during the lockdown. If you haven’t counted, have the deaths not taken place? It is sad that there has been no impact on the government. The world has seen their deaths. There is a Modi government which has no information, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had tweeted.


What do you have to say on this?

Source: Times Of India