Amid The Kashmir Files Row, Netizens Ask Why Not Gujarat Files?

After the success of ‘The Kashmir Files’ and getting a reaction from Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself, the netizens now want the book ‘Gujarat Files’ to be treated the same way.

Why not Gujarat Files?

Loads of media attention and immense response by the public, ‘The Kashmir Files’ have surely earned immense popularity in the film industry. The film that speaks about the brutality towards the Hindus in Kashmir was later praised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


PM had said that more such films should come out where the narrative should talk about the history of India.

In a similar manner, netizens who are quite against Vivek Agnihotri’s film are now wondering if the book named ‘Gujarat Files’ would have similar attention.

Gujarat Files is the history of an eight-month-long secret investigation by journalist Rana Ayyub into the Gujarat riots. The theory of the sting operation reveals the collusion of the state and its officials in crimes against humanity. With stunning revelations about cases that run around Narendra Modi and Amit Shah with their rise to power and their journey from Gujarat to New Delhi.


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