Instant Popularity Is Not Permanent; This Behavior With Coffee Nadu Chandu Proves It All

Coffee Nadu Chandu, who has become a star very quickly on social media, is very famous everywhere in Karnataka. Now, it is reported that social media influencer is threatened by some people in Chikkamagaluru.

Coffee Nadu Chandu

If you have been using social media these days, Coffee Nadu Chandu’s videos are all over the internet. Chandu is an auto driver by profession and became famous after posting birthday wish songs for celebrities as well as for normal people with his auto.


Hailing from Chikkamagaluru, Coffee Nadu Chandu now has more and more people following him and he even received a lot of sponsors for his videos. But, being more popular, gets you more attention, sometimes good and sometimes bad.

Viral Video

Currently, a video of Chandu is going viral on social media where he is seen being confronted by people while sitting in his auto. The person making the video is heard yelling at him and asking him to make a video on the spot.

In this video, a few locals from Chikkamagaluru have asked Chandu to sing a song for them. However, the 30-year-old refuses to do so as he is heard saying that he is on a duty. Angered, by his response, the person making the video lashes out at him and says that ‘he is famous because of them (referring to the social media viewers)’. Later he asks Coffee Nadu Chandu to leave the place.


After Netizens saw this video, they were upset about the situation. Some have even asked to leave that guy alone as he works hard to make a living.