A Sign-Board In Bengaluru Park Orders People Not To Do This Bizarre Thing; Leaves Internet Confused

A Reddit user shared a picture on social media, and it quickly went popular for all the right reasons. The image posted shows how a public park posted a sign prohibiting people from jogging, running, and walking anti-clockwise.

Public park’s sign-board

In India, if you visit a public park, it literally forbids visitors from engaging in specified activities. This could involve taking pets for a walk, plucking flowers, or littering. But this sign-board in Karnataka’s capital city Bengaluru asks the walkers in the park to avoid walking ‘anti-clockwise’.


The BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike), the civic body in charge of the city of Bengaluru’s infrastructure and public services, is believed to have placed the sign.

The image was shared on social media by a Reddit user and has gone viral for all the right reasons. The sign-board in the park reads. “No Jogging, No Running, No Anti-Clockwise walking. By Order-B.B.M.P”. The picture has been shared on Reddit with the caption “Sign I saw in a park today”.

Sign I saw in a park today from bangalore

Netizens’ reactions

Netizens flooded the comment section with hilarious jokes. One user jokingly wondered if the “Nagin dance” was permitted, while another remarked, “If they see me racing, do they also rush to stop me or stay still?”


The third one asked, “Is moonwalking permitted?” “I actually want to go to that park and start jogging out of spite,” the fourth one commented. “Can we crawl counter-clockwise on the dirt path?” said fifth.

Well, this is not the first time a unique sign-board from Bengaluru has gone viral. A few days ago, a Twitter user shared two images of a no-parking sign-board outside a house in Koramangala. One of these boards read, “Don’t even think of parking here,” while the other one read, “No parking, not 5 minutes, not 30 seconds, not at all!”

The post started a debate on social media, with some internet users defending the decision and others criticizing it.