Here’s India’s First Canopy Walk – Walk at a height of 30 Meters To Experience The Beauty Of Western Ghats


India’s first ever canopy walks allows you to walk at a height of 30 meters to enjoy the views of dense forests of the Western Ghats. Walk in the clouds surrounded by undeniable beauty.

Canopy Walk opened on 17th February 2018, in Kuveshi, near Castle Rock.

Vinay Luthra, the designer of this project, stated the idea to allow visitors exploration of the verdant rainforest which covers a massive area in the Western Ghats. In a statement, an ex-chairman of Karnataka tourism department said, “In a rainforest, not much grows on the forest floor since sunlight does not reach it. On the other hand, the treetops are brimming with plant and animal life: mammals, birds and a variety of endemic plants.” Tourists would have a delightful time exploring it.

canopy walk

An Experience Indeed! 

The canopy can hold up to ten people at a time and there are multiple platforms. Whereas, it allows access to different regions of the forest. The project does not only focus on exploration but will also create awareness regarding the biodiversity of the environment.

One can now explore different regions of the rainforest as well as do some bird watching. Moreover, one can spot the kingfisher, white-bellied treepie, Malabar squirrel, lion-tailed macaque, woodpeckers, hornbill, and butterflies. Visitors can now explore the vast rainforest where some trees are over a hundred years old. In addition, some trees that you can spot are – silver oak, cinnamon, eucalyptus, tamarind, and bamboo.

canopy walk

Along with giving you the best way to experience India’s Western Ghats, it also proves to be a great tourist attraction. A canopy walk is available only in a few countries, so it could mean a big boost for India’s tourism. The fees will be ₹500 for adults and ₹300 for children to visit.

canopy walk

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