The Adventurous Hidlumane Falls – A Secret Waterfall At The Base Of The Kodachadri Hills Of Karnataka

hidlumane falls

It is a mesmerizing falls with fresh cold water through thick jungles. In short Hindlumane falls is Picturesque waterfall with a tranquil, forested setting, accessed by a moderate trek. Hidulmane falls is one such falls with a fine blend of scenic beauty, natural serenity, exciting adventure, enthralling trekking, amusing water body, dense forests and much more all at one place. Hidlumane is a complete package in itself offering you to experience the joy of various thrilling activities at once. Cool isn’t it?. So let’s try knowing more about this splendid waterfalls.

Where is Hidlumane Falls?

The beautiful waterfall is situated in the Shimoga district of Karnataka and is located within the Mookambika reserve forest at the base of the Kodachadri hills of the Western Ghats. To be precise it is located in the popularly called  Kodachadri road in Kattinahole which is a small village in Hosanagara Taluk. Located 33 Kms from Hosanagara, 53 Kms from Sagar the falls is close to  Bellakka village near Nittur situated on the Kodachadri trek route. Located remotely, an expedition by a four-wheeler is more advisable, usually, you find jeeps available there. At least a 3 km distance needs to be trekked from the road after the Jeep ride to reach just the first fall among the various falls you would come across to reach the actual Hidlumane Falls.

hidlumane falls

The beauty of the Beautiful Falls!

The milky white water rushing down against a background of rocks and dense lush greenery is a sight to behold!. The view from the top of the waterfall is indeed a magnificent sight. The engulfing greenery of Western Ghats and the stillness of the surroundings enhance the beauty of the fall. The silence of the forest is broken by the ferociously gushing waterfall which is a fantasy in itself. The falls plunge down from a height of about fifty meters and drop down to a natural pool below. The water in the pool is not very deep and anyone can take a dip into it.

Especially during the monsoons, it is all the more an exciting experience to have an eyeful of the falls. Water during monsoon is in full barbarous force and the majestic roaring of the intensely falling thick water is heard from quite a distance which is simply thrilling making you all the more curious and enthusiastic to reach the peak of the falls.

hidlumane falls

What makes the falls one of its kind!

Hidlumane Falls is a series of 6 cascading falls each falling from a height of 50-70 feet. These fascinating cascading falls offer an exceptional, exemplary refreshing sight to the viewers. The waterfall flows as a series of 6 or 7 falls, each a beautiful sight in its own right and a real feast to the nature lovers. These series of waterfall, with one not being like the other, have varying heights and majesty.

The interesting part about these falls is that each of these falls is hidden from one another and each seems to be more enthralling than the last one you see. But the most amazing one among them is the one that is the most secluded and is situated at the top of the cascade. The trek from the first fall to the 6th fall includes steeper trek that runs through the forest, water, and rocks. The topmost waterfall is more gorgeous and worth all the effort to reach there.

hidlumane falls

A Must experience Place for the trek lovers!

The trekking route to the Hidlumane Falls is not less than a roller coaster ride! An extremely pleasurable and adventurous one which is simply overwhelming to all the trek freaks!. Trek at Hidlumane will certainly fill you with excitement and zeal every minute only leaving you with surprises all along the way.

To reach the main falls you should sometimes climb up the 70-degree steep rocks, or cross through streams, walk through dense forests, bear the blood sucking leeches and much more. There are two trek routes to reach the waterfall – one starts from the Nittur village and the other starts from the Kodachadri peak. Either way, the trek time is about 90 mins one way and recommended for experienced trekkers. The trek routes 2 huge gigantic boulders with the first one being manageable but the second one takes you on a ride for sure!

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The trek is a rocky trail, and you will come across six to seven waterfalls along the way before you reach the actual waterfall. You will have to walk in the stream of water which goes inside a thick forest. At times, there are places where sunlight doesn’t seep through at all make it a pitch dark place. At every waterfall, you can sit, play for some time and rest but make sure you don’t stop until you reach the majestic waterfall. The walk in the deep woods will surprise you with reptiles running here and there and also the croaky noise of insects and birds keep rolling over your ear throughout the trek.

If you are confident enough, you could climb the rocks where the water flows, else you could take the alternative way through the forest to reach the next waterfalls. Your trek route will stop at a particular waterfall, even if you try climbing or jumping, you cannot make it further. That is when you should realize that you have arrived at the majestic and beautiful Hindlumane waterfalls that you have been waiting and trekking for. This way it is an actual trek filled with sheer anxiety.

hidlumane falls

When is Hidlumane at its best?

It’s the time of the year when the sweltering summer sets down and the lovely monsoon sets in. The best place to experience monsoons is undoubtedly at the Hidlumane waterfalls. The best time to visit the waterfall is during the post-monsoon season i.e., September to January.

During these months the waterfall flows down with increased velocity due to the increased volume of water and offers a breathtaking view to the visitors. However, during the monsoon, though the trail is adventurous, it’s quite risky to get down in the pool as the current in the water is so strong that it can sweep away anyone who dares to venture into the water for a bath or a swim.

hidlumane falls

Few tips here!

Talking about food and refreshment facilities in and around, there is a small shop in the village near the forest that sells essential items that may be required during the trek like bottles of water, light snacks, etc. There is also a house near the shop that serves food to visitors but one has to wait for long, more recommended is to carry packed food and water. The way to the waterfall can be confusing for the first time visitors and a guide may prove to be very helpful for the trek.

Local guides are available for helping the tourists to reach the waterfall. During monsoons, the trek route becomes slippery and inundated with leeches. Hence, trekking becomes difficult. Carrying salt and lime comes handy against the leeches. It is best to leave the waterfall before evening descends as the place is isolated.

hidlumane falls

To all the adventure lovers out there, if you have missed on Hidlumane falls, then you have certainly missed on a lifetime experience for sure. So if you still haven’t had the wonderful experience of being there, make sure you are in total witness to it soon!.

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