7 Wow Things To Know About Honnemaradu – The Golden Lake of Karnataka


A synonym for beauty in silence, a leer that never goes faded, a chase that can only lead to peace and tranquility- Honnemaradu is such a creation of nature where nature itself is in love with it. The very essence of this place spread as a bed of water and the vibe it carries all through is going to stay with you, for the rest of your life. It is said that ‘Go where you feel most alive’ and with Honnemaradu, the feeling is as lively as the blossoming of a flower and the reflex is as positive as the first ray of Sun. Come, let’s know more about Honnemaraddu on today’s read.

Honnemaradu – An Experience


On the Way to Jog Falls

Honnemaraddu is simply a water spread situated on the backwaters of River Sharavathi. It is on the way from Sagara to Jog Falls. It is located in Sagara taluk, say at about 12 km from Talaguppa and 392 km from Bengaluru.

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The Golden Lake of Karnataka

It is said to be formed after the waters of the river Sharavathil, stoppered by Linganamakki Dam in 1964. Honnemaradu or the Golden lake of Karnataka is a reservoir that looks like a bed of water spread over an area of 350 sq.km. Such a calm place with only gentle ripples on the shore, Honnermaradu looks like the Mother Earth meditating in her profound state of glory.

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What a Vibe!

It is a place of Golden Sand and when you are on the banks of it, you cannot stop gazing at those sand-colored pebbles, blinking and glowing in the sunlight. The fact here is that the water looks like molten gold at sunrise and sunset, and so is the name Honnemaradu. On the other hand, the place is called so for a reason that the land is surrounded by Honne trees all around.


It is filled all year around

One awesome thing about Honnemaradu is that it is beyond seasons and looks filled all year around. A wide-open sky with golden water underneath coupled with lush green around and that haunting silence – Honnemaradu is an ideal place to lose yourself in the lap of nature. Besides, there are ancient temples to explore along with water sports and all; what else you want in life!

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Let’s Wander where the Wifi is Weak

When was the last time you took a deep breath standing in the middle of an island? When was the last time you camped with your friends and counted the stars to miss the count, all again? If you want to do all these little things then Honnemaradu is a damn apt place.

It is an ideal host of water-based activities where you can indulge yourself in activities like swimming, canoeing, coracling, and camping. However, you have to join a group of adventurers who comes with an exclusive permission to camp on the banks of Honnemaradu. It is such a lost place that you don’t have lodging options, anywhere nearby. The adventure is this – when you have nothing, you find something worthwhile, an experience which you had never before.


A night on Peacock Island

At about 1 km from the main camp on Honnemaradu, visitors are ferried to Peacock island where one can try their hands at rowing. Camp on the island for a night; sing, dance, eat, and gossip. Above all, feel the vibe and stay blissed out for that night.


The Nearby Aghoreshwara Temple

Once you are done with Honnemaradu, you can give a visit to Aghoreshwara temple. It is at a distance of 6 km, located in a place called Ikkeri. An age-old temple whose history dates back to the times of Keladi Nayakas (1499 – 1763). The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva blessed. It is blessed with an architecture which has the styles of Chalukyas, Vijayanagara, and Hoysalas.


On the other hand, you have the World-famous Jog Falls at a distance of 39 km from Sagara. At about 60 km, there is tyavarekoppa Lion and Tiger Safari park. It is spread over 200 hectares with a courtyard for tigers and lions. (Open 10 am to 5 pm, closed on Tuesdays).

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Traveler’s Note:

1. Reach Honnemaradu via Rail (A daily between Bengaluru and Talaguppa) or take a Bus to Sagara. If you have your own vehicle then nothing like it.

2. If you are planning to stay in Sagara then it is recommended to hire a vehicle or a taxi for the day.

3. Honnermaradu will be filled throughout and so there’s nothing like Best time to visit. If you are planning for night camps then avoid winters as temperature here in night drops below 15 degree celsius.

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So, if your next trip to Adventure is Sagara and Honnemaradu then you are Awesome. Hope you found this post interesting and informative.

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