4 Years And 400 Hours Of Footage in the Making, The Teaser Of Wild Karnataka Looks Wow, We Repeat WOW!

teaser of wild karnataka
Source: Wild Karnataka teaser

If you have explored Karnataka to its length and breadth then you will fall in love with its incredible beauty and the diversity it carries in its culture, food, and the language. As fairly said, ‘One State Many Worlds’, this Southern state of India is truly a blessed land. With the highest tiger population in India, Karnataka has more elephants than anywhere else on earth.

Words really fall short to describe the wildlife beauty of Karnataka. So, for the very first time, blue-chip natural history film is made on Namma Karnataka. It is titled Wild Karnataka, a collaborative project with the Karnataka Forest Department. Today, the team has released the teaser of Wild Karnataka and it looks WOW!

teaser of wild karnataka
Source: Wild Karnataka teaser

Unprecedented Ultra HD film on Karnataka’s Rich Biodiversity

It is a film made by a world-class team of Indian filmmakers; Amoghavarsha, Kalyan Varma, Sarath Champati, and Vijay Mohan Raj. The film is narrated by David Attenborough. And it has photography by Prashanth S Nayaka, Sugandhi Gadadhar, Raghunath Belur, Adarsh Raju, Pradeep Hegde, and Pooja Rathod.

Here’s the Teaser of Wild Karnataka

It is an ultra HD film portraying the state with the highest number of Tigers and Elephants using the latest technology. Shot fully in 4k, the film covers every habitat across four years of documentation celebrating the spectacular diversity of a single Indian state. It is said that the team has used hidden cameras to reveal some of the most intimate moments of natural history.

teaser of wild karnataka

“Proud to officially announce the launch of Wild Karnataka. It took us 4 years to make. But this is one of the best natural history films about Indian wildlife, ” said Kalyan Sharma.

“It has been an amazing journey to work on this film. There are filmmakers, scientists, and conservationists involved. The best part is Sir David Attenborough’s voice,” said Sugandhi Gadadhar.

The official launch of the film is said to be on March 3rd. We are really excited to watch this film. So, how about you?

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