12 Things To Know About Shravanabelagola – A Place Where Bahubali Of Karnataka Stands


Located 144 km away from Bengaluru, Shravanabelagola is a prominent religious site in the Hassan district of Karnataka. It has historical relevance too, and this is why it cannot be ignored. From the road trip to the temple to the famous steps leading to the temple to the inscriptions…there is so much to this place that could keep you intrigued for hours. Here we bring a few things about Shravanabelagola which will trigger the traveler in you.

Home to Chandragupta Maurya

Shravanabelagola was home to the famous ruler Chandragupta Maurya after he embraced Jainism, to live the rest of his days as a monk.


One Of World’s largest monolithic statue

The 58 feet tall statue of Gommateshwara is the largest of its kind in the world! Every 12 years, large offerings are made to this statue, drawing tourists and pilgrims from all around the world.


The two hills

Shravanabelagola has two hills, called Chandragiri and Vindyagiri. The Sacred places here are spread out over these two hills.


Steps leading to the temple

The temple which houses the statue of Gommateshwara is on top of the Vindyagiri hill and takes 600 steps from the base.


When intricacy meets perfection

You will definitely be blown away by the detail with which the carvings on the walls of the temples have been made. This is unlike any other temple you’d have visited.


Ancient inscriptions

Throughout the temples, there are inscriptions preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India. These inscriptions are in Sanskrit, the old dialect of Kannada and the modern dialect which we follow today.


The Traditional Kannadiga meal

You can step into any eatery for a traditional Kannadiga meal which will be served to you on a fresh banana leaf. You can also enjoy akki roti, bisibele bath and rava idli in particular. There are several spots where you can buy a tender coconut to quench your thirst.


The Countless Shrines and Basadis

There are a large number of shrines and basadis spread throughout Shravanabelagola. You can visit as many of them as you like, for each one has a history of its own.

shravanabelagola gomateshwara

Ancient architecture

The architecture of the early days is indeed marvelous and Shravanabelagola has a lot of places to convince you of the same.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit this wonder would be between October and March.



Places nearby

Closest to the village of Shravanabelagola are Dharmasthala, Belur, Hassan, Mangaluru and Mysuru.

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What to take back with you

You could take back postcards, photographs, idols or even wooden toys, as a memoir of this place.


Shravanabelagola has a lot to offer to you, be it in terms of history, food, travel or in case you’re on a pilgrimage circuit. So what are you waiting for? Get wandering!


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