Here Are Details Of How IAF Pilot Abhinandan Saved Indian Documents From Reaching Pakistani Hands

With the things heating up between India and Pakistan on the borders after Pulwama attack and the surgical air strike on 26 February, there is some good news that has made Indians really happy. Just when India is gaining more support internationally and has also managed to put the enemy at bay in the air and on land, the news of wing commander Abhinandan Varthaman’s arrest in Pakistan came as a shock.

Pakistan To Return Abhinandan On Friday

The good news is that the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan today announced in Parliament that his country will respectfully release the IAF braveheart on March 1. It indeed is good news for the entire country as all the Indians were deeply worried for him.


But the main highlight of the entire story of Abhinandan is the way he acted after getting caught and made sure that the Pakistani army does not get a trace of any Indian document on him.

The report by Pakistani media says that even during grave danger, the braveheart IAF did not lose his composure or panic. Rather when he was captured by the locals, he fired a few shots into the air and then made sure that important documents did not reach the Pakistanis by swallowing them. At that time, Abhinandan did not know whether he will be outnumbered or captured and hence his decision reflected the immense presence of mind and courage.

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Injured Abhinandan Fired Shots Into Air

At the time Abhinandan landed in Pakistan he was bleeding profusely. According to Dawn, a Pakistani newspaper, the pilot had a pistol and asked youngsters on the spot whether it was Pakistan or India. When one of them said it was India, Abhinandan shouted some slogans supporting India and asked which place in India it is. The same youth replied that it was Qilla’n.

The pilot asked for water and told the locals that his back was broken. At this point, one emotional Pakistani youth shouted Pakistan Army Zindabad. To keep himself safe, the IAF pilot shot fire in the air and at the same time the boys around him picked up stones.

An eye witness, Mr. Razzaq stated that Abhinandan ran for around half a kilometer in backward direction while keeping his pistol pointed towards the boys chasing him. The fire shots in the air did not frighten the boys, so he jumped into a nearby pond, took out some maps and documents from his pockets, swallowed some of them and soaked the others in the pond water.


Pakistani Media Praises Abhinandan’s Valour

During the entire process, one boy shot at Abhinandan’s leg asking the IAF officer to drop his weapon. Even though the entire readership in Pakistan is not in favor of India, Dawn still appreciated the valor and bravery of IAF Abhinandan Varthaman. It stated that the Indian fighter pilot showed immense courage despite having a broken back.

The circulated video reveals that Abhinandan was severely injured when he crashed in the Pakistani area. While the boys caught him and roughed him up, the army personnel of Pakistan took him into custody and saved him.

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