Here’s Everything We Know About Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, IAF Pilot in PAK Custody


In line with IAF’s attack on terrorist camps in Balakot, today morning, PAF intruded into Indian air space targeting military installations. The Indian Air Force retaliated back and in the battle of a kind, a Pakistan F-16 was downed by an IAF Mig 21 Bis Aircraft.

However, unfortunately, IAF lost a MiG 21 in the process. India’s Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson said that one Pakistan fighter aircraft was shot down, one Indian MiG-21 jet “was lost” and an Indian pilot is missing in action. Pakistan Armed Forces say they shot down two Indian aircraft that had entered their airspace and arrested one pilot. The incidents come one day after India targeted Pakistan-based terror camps with airstrikes.


Pilot’s name is Abhinandan Varthaman

In an alleged video going rounds on the Internet, a pilot is seen bleeding from his forehead whose name is Abhinandan Varthaman, the Wing Commander of IAF.

As per the source, Wing Commander Abhinandan was a member of the SKAT – Surya Kiran Acrobatic team. He’s a skilled pilot and his father is ex- Indian Air force officer.

In the video, after prompted by a man behind the camera to talk from the beginning, he says, “My name is Wing commander Abhinandan. My service number is 27981. I’m a flying pilot. My religion is Hindu.”

Abhinandan is prompted once again to which he says, “I’m sorry sir, that’s all I am allowed to tell you.” When asked ‘Squadron?’ he says, “I’m not supposed to tell you that too.” The Internet also has a video where Abhinandan is seen brutally hit by Pakistani people and a few Soldiers.

In one of the other video which is out now on Twitter, Abhinandan himself has spoken about his current state. He said that he was impressed by the officers of the Pakistan army for rescuing him from the mob and the soldiers. Also, he has refused to give out information which is he’s not supposed to reveal.

As of now, this is what we know about the entire incident. We just hope and pray for the safe return of Abhinandan.

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