9 Reasons That Forced Pakistan To Release Abhinandan In Such A Short Time, Not At All A Gesture Of Peace

Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman received a grand welcome from the entire country as he crossed the Wagah border on Friday night and returned to India safely. Pakistan’s Prime Minister has stated return of the IAF officer as a peace gesture and there are many Indians who also believe it so. But has Pakistan suddenly become so lenient or large-hearted or there are some other things that forced our neighbor to release Abhinandan unharmed?

After all, during the Kargil War, Pakistan did not hesitate to torture and beat Group Captain Kambapati Nachiketa who was the only and the first prisoner of Kargil War in 1999. The flight lieutenant in the No. 9 Squadron of the Indian Air Force was beaten for 3 to 4 days but was later on released after 8 days owing to mounting international pressure.


Kambapati Nachiketa

Albeit this time around, Pakistan within a day declared that it was returning Indian braveheart safely. And of course, it is not a peace gesture but there are multiple things that rather forced Pakistan to release Abhinandan.

India Has Managed To Isolate Pakistan

There is a section of the society that believes that the decisive and dynamic leadership of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi led to the quick release of Abhinandan. There are some others who believe that use of all the possible diplomatic channels by the government of India was the reason behind the release.

In the past few years, India has formed new friendships and relationships with big countries like America, Australia, France, Japan, and even have gained confidence from Muslim countries like Afganistan and Saudi Arabia. Strong support and backing from all these countries have isolated Pakistan. That is one of the biggest reasons behind Abhinandan’s quick release.


2. Zero Tolerance Towards Terrorism

Popular opinion also is that Narendra Modi’s zero tolerance towards terrorism is the reason Pakistan had to come down to its knees. Time and again the Indian leadership have stated that this country will not tolerate any form of terrorism and will take adequate steps to nip it in the bud. The surgical airstrike on three launchpads of Jaish-e-Mohammed is a clear indication that India is not in a mood to tolerate terror.

That is one reason somehow has forced Imran Khan to talk about dismantling terror infrastructure in its country.

3. India Strictly Said No To Any Deal

The Modi government strictly said no to any deal in exchange of returning the captured IAF officer and pressed for handing him over safely and immediately without any condition. New Delhi clearly told Pakistan that we are in no way interested in repeating the Kandahar incident.


4. Geneva Conventions

Geneva Conventions strictly define the rights of war prisoners and says that the enemy prisoner if wounded should be taken care of and protected. By Geneva Conventions on POW ethics, Pakistan did not have any alternative but to release Abhinandan.

5. Afganistan and Iran Armies Are Deployed On Pakistan’s Border

Both these Muslim countries have deployed their armies to Pakistan border. Certainly, Pakistan is not in a position to fight three countries at a time.

6. India Deployed Large Army On LOC

India has deployed a large army on LOC and the Indian leadership has given all the three chiefs of IAF, Indian Navy, and army authority to take appropriate decisions as and when needed. It is a rare and aggressive approach by India which has been forever supporting settling things in a peaceful way.


7. Mounting Pressure From Veto Power Countries

All the veto power countries of the UN including the UK, US, and France have been demanding the UN Security Council to ban JeM chief Masood Azhar. It clearly shows that they are supporting India’s stance on terrorism and actions against JeM.

8. The US Pissed Off With Use Of F-16

The US sold F-16s to Pakistan on condition that it uses these fighter planes for tackling counter-terrorism operations. But by using F-16 for military attack, it has violated the condition.

9. Pakistan On Verge Of Bankruptcy

Since the Pulwama attack, the stock exchange in Pakistan has fallen by almost 10% and the country as of now has only $7 billion as against half a trillion that India has. Even the food supply reserves in the country have been majorly hit after the Pulwama attack.

So, all that peace gesture is just bullshit. The real reason for releasing Abhinandan is that Pakistan knew that it was losing on all the fronts and cannot afford to harm the Indian braveheart in any way.


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