Hope Kannada Film Review: An Honest Attempt About A Less-Explored Subject

Amongst the slew of Kannada films that hit the theatres over the weekend, “Hope” is one movie that had garnered good expectations. Directed by Ambarisha M, the film has a stellar star cast and the trailer also set up the curiosity very well. Now that the movie is out, let’s analyse the same:

A brilliantly layered film

In the trailer itself, the makers had established the core conflict of the plot. The film is about Shivani (Shwetha Srivatsav), an honest KAS officer, who gets transferred to accommodate another corrupt officer. This happens just eight months into her reign. She decides to take on the system and the proceedings further on, form the crux of the plot.


While “premature transfer” is the subject that gets the maximum highlight, the makers also bring in other devices to make the drama engaging. In such a case, political agenda is a natural fit while a social issue is also tackled in the movie. Amidst all this, due space is given to the lead’s personal life, as well.

Overall, “Hope” is a layered film that honestly tries to talk about a few matters. The technical departments have backed it well with a good outing.

Casting is the highlight

The brilliant performers are the USP of the film. While Shwetha is brilliant in her role as a KAS officer, Pramod Shetty is at his peak as the lead character’s primary hurdle. Other prominent actors such as Sumalatha, Prakash Belawadi, Gopalakrishna Deshpande and Vishal Hegde also leave an impression with their mature performances.


“Hope” is a film that arrived with a lot of responsibility. It was a good decision by the makers to install experienced names in important roles. All of these have worked well to give an engaging experience to the viewers.