15 Unexplored Waterfalls in Karnataka Which Are Incredibly Beautiful and Worth-Visiting


Unchalli Falls – Uttara Kannada

Unchalli Waterfalls in Uttara Kannada is created by Aghanashini River as it tumbles down from a height of 116 meters. Situated amidst the hilly ranges, Unchalli Falls is 5 km away from Heggarne. The main station, Siddapur is 35 km away. From here you can take local transport to reach this place. Buses stop at Heggarne from where you can reach the falls 5 km away while trekking through a thick forest.

waterfalls in karnataka

Kunchikal Falls – Masthikatte

Running down from an approximate height of 1500 feet, Kunchikal Falls boasts of being the highest waterfall in India. This beautiful fall is hidden near Masthikatte in the Shimoga district and is certainly a source of thrill and amazement. Kunchikal Falls is also a part of the hydroelectric plant which helps in the generation of electricity. What could be better than being enveloped by whistling winds, rustling leaves, and a roaring waterfall?

waterfalls in karnataka

Vibhooti Falls – Sirsi

Flourishing at a distance of 50 km from Sirsi, this small multi-level waterfall creates a relaxed ambiance with its melodious run and relaxing vibe. Surrounded by wildflowers and bamboos, Vibhooti Falls certainly enhances the charm of authentic beauty spread all across the Western Ghats. This fall is believed to derive its name from nearby limestone rock. If you are looking to sit idly in the unknown parts of Western Ghats and take a break from the complexities of life, while being enraptured by the tunes of the forest, this is your destination.

waterfalls in karnataka

Arasina Gundi Falls

Arasina Makki Falls is a spectacular waterfall located deep inside the Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary in Karnataka. To reach this amazing place you will need to trek 1-2 km deep into the forests of the Kodachadri Hills. Souparnika River takes a leap from a height of about 50 mts into a naturally created pond to form this beautiful waterfall.

waterfalls in karnataka

Alekan Waterfalls

Situated at a distance of around 18 km from Charmadi Ghat in Chikmagalur, Alekan Waterfall is one of the most beautiful and sought-after waterfalls in Karnataka. Even though it is not popular amongst common travelers, it is still the major attraction during the monsoon season for all adventure seekers. You can enjoy its clear crystal water flowing along the lush greenery of the mountains.

waterfalls in karnataka

Bandaje Falls

Flowing down from the height of 200 feet, the Bandaje Falls is produced by the Netravati river. It is located in the Western Ghats and is surrounded by evergreen dense forests and thick flourished plains. If you are looking forward to sitting by the side of the waterfall or taking a bath in its rejuvenating water, then you need to trek a little bit through the surrounding forests. It is advisable to take help from the locals unless you are willing to lose yourself in the dense and mysterious forests of the Western Ghats.

waterfalls in karnataka

Barkana Waterfalls

This is located 10 km from Agumbe in Shimoga district and leaps down from a height of 259 feet and has a place in top 10 highest waterfalls of India. This is also a prime source of hydroelectricity in Karnataka. The name Barkana is derived from ‘Barka’ means Mouse Deer referred to in the region.

The trek to the waterfall is a bit tricky due to the dense forest and also the steep tracks in a regular interval you find on the way. This waterfall is quite famous in the region of Agumbe than many other falls and is also sometimes closed to entry due for safety reasons. One has to get down at the Barkana road on the route from Agumbe to Sringeri and then trek the remaining miles to the waterfalls.

waterfalls in karnataka

Hidlumane falls

These are the waterfalls set amidst the dense forests and mountain peaks of Kodachadri in Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary in the Western Ghats. They are a series of 5 to 6 cascading waterfalls each falling from 50 to 70 feet. The entire cascade of the falls from 1 to 6 can be trekked and few stretches are steep and dangerous also. The falls is located near Bellakka village near Nittur and are 15 km from Kollur.

waterfalls in karnataka

Koosalli Falls

The waterfalls are also called as Kusalli, Abbigudde, Attigundi, Gudanagundi and Boorlagundi Falls. These waterfalls are also a group of cascading falls which flow down deep into the bottom from a height of 380 feet. This magnificent waterfall is located in a deep forest near Koosalli village, from where the trek starts to the waterfall and is 5 km trek one way to the falls and easily takes 2 hrs to reach there. The trek is difficult due to the rocky forest areas which have to be passed through all the way from Koosalli (village from where Koosalli waterfalls can be reached).

waterfalls in karnataka

Kudumari/Chaktikal Waterfalls

This waterfall is also located in the same area where the Koosalli falls are located and is another 2 km far from Koosalli fall and is located in a village called Chaktikal and the waterfall is also named after the village. This waterfall springs over from 300 feet and this is also breath-taking and similarly beautiful as Koosalli waterfalls.

waterfalls in karnataka

Onake Abbi Waterfalls

Named after a long pole which is used to grind species, the cliff from which the waterfall gushes stands tall like an Onake. This waterfall is one of the tallest waterfalls that can be seen on the Western Ghats belt with a height of 450-500 feet and can only be reached through trekking of 5 to 6 km one way. The evergreen forest on the way is really breathtaking and animals like Sambar, mouse deer, and civet cat can be spotted sometimes. The waterfalls into a natural pool at the bottom where one can take a quick dip in the water.

waterfalls in karnataka

Kudlu Theertha Waterfalls

This waterfall is located amidst the jungles of the Western Ghats in Udupi district in a village called Hebri. This waterfall falls from a height of 126 feet directly into a natural pond below. It is also believed that the pond is holy as many sages performed penance many years ago in this place.

waterfalls in karnataka

Shirley Waterfalls

Also called as Shirale or Shirley waterfalls. This waterfall is located in the Yellapur taluk in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. The ghat area is Arbail ghat which has this waterfall hidden. Many tourists and travelers are unaware about this falls till date and one has to trek down a muddy road of 4 kms to reach the falls.

This beautiful cascading waterfall plunges from a height of 100 meters. Even this falls is not suggested to swim along as there are huge boulders around the natural pond below. It is a private falls set amidst the Areca plantation and has an entry fee of 10 rs per head. One can also hire a jeep to the falls.

waterfalls in karnataka

Sathodi Falls

Planning a day’s getaway from Gokarna or Karwar? You can’t miss Uttara Karnataka’s gorgeous Sathodi Falls. Here, a bunch of streams gets together to form what is undeniably one of Karnataka’s most breathtaking waterfalls. Located near Yellapur, this is less than three hours from, both, Gokarna and Karwar. You can easily access it from the coastal town of Ankola as well. While the ride may be bumpy, the views on offer are totally worth it.

You can wander deep into the forest to catch a glimpse of the fall. There is an option to view the falls from afar but we recommend the close-up. Surrounded by rocky terrain, Sathodi Falls cascades from a height that forms a pool at the base. You can dip your feet here and spend a couple of hours enjoying the beauty of falls.

waterfalls in karnataka

Don’t wait! Head out to these waterfalls and enjoy yourself to the fullest!

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