Bengaluru: Here’s What To Do If Auto Drivers Ask For High Fares For Short Rides

Many people in Bengaluru are unaware they can report a complaint if auto drivers demand higher fares. A complaint can also be filed if auto drivers refuse a ride during their duty timings.

High fares quoted by auto drivers

In India’s Silicon city it is impossible to argue with auto drivers about fares they end up asking for short rides, which may seem unreasonable. Most of the time, commuters are left with no option, especially when they are in a rush to reach their destination. However, many people are not aware if they can report such incidents to authorities.


The Bengaluru Police has issued a guide on Twitter to reporting such auto drivers and confirmed that action will be taken.

Action by police

When a user complained of an auto driver demanding a high fare, a post on the official Twitter handle read, “You can call our automated IVRS to book complaints. Please call 080-22868550 / 22868444 and mention the registration number of the auto-rickshaw, place, time, and date. Kindly use our IVRS to book complaints against autos Offenses. (sic)” A complaint can also be filed if auto drivers refuse a ride during their duty timings, according to the police.

However, users have complained about the IVRS not registering the complaints when reported. A user said, “It is difficult to get autos even at premium rates on mobility apps. Open loot, and no one is bothered to fix this. The below conversation was a few days back”, and shared a screengrab of police failing to take action.


In November, the Karnataka government raised the state’s meter fares for auto drivers. The price is increased to Rs. 30 from Rs. 25 for the first two kilometers and the base price per every kilometer is increased to Rs 15 rupees from Rs 13.