Diljit Dosanjh Wins Hearts After Twitter Battle With Kangana Over Farm Bills


The war of words between Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut and Punjabi Superstar Diljit Dosanjh on Twitter continued to dominate trends on the platform. The Punjabi Superstar has come out as the scene-stealer.

Days after the Twitter war, there were hashtags such as #DiljitDestroysKangana and #DiljitVsKangana trended on the platform. The argument began after the actress posted a derogatory tweet on one of the elderly women protesting in the ongoing farm bills movement. Kangana went onto say that the elderly woman was bought for protesting with 100 rupees. This didn’t go well with the Punjabi Superstar who lashed out at Kangana.


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Diljit posted a video of the elderly woman confirming she isn’t the one who was protesting at Shaheen Bagh earlier this year. Kangana further deleted her original tweet and went after Diljit. Twitter took sides with both of them as the war of words continued longer than a two tweet exchange. Kangana who is known for fiery speech and straightforward approach couldn’t get ahead of Diljit Dosanjh who seems to have won the hearts of people on Twitter. Here are some of the responses to the Twitter battle.

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