‘I Don’t Think I Will Recover From This’- Kangana’s Emotional Message For Kantara

Kangana Ranaut took to social media to applaud Rishab Shetty’s Kantara, which is creating waves across the country at the moment. The Queen actress posted a video praising the action thriller.

Kangana was awestruck 

Actor and director Rishab Shetty‘s recent film Kantara continues to make waves in the film industry with its impressive style of storytelling and visuals. After a string of celebrities, actor Kangana Ranaut too is stunned by the subject of the film and the way the story has been told. She took to her social media to praise the film, calling it ‘unbelievable’.


Kangana uploaded a video on her Instagram stories, where she said, “I am coming back with my family after watching a film called Kantara and I am still shaking. What an explosive experience! Rishab Shetty hats off to you. Writing, directing, acting, action, brilliant! Unbelievable! What a fine blend of folklore, tradition, and indigenous issues. What beautiful photography, action, thriller.”

Emotional Message

Kangana was so emotional, that she said she won’t come out of this experience for a long time. The actor added in the video, “This is what cinema is, this is what films are for and theatrical experience, unbelievable. I heard so many people in the theatre say, log jaate jaate keh rahe the ki humne aisa kuch bhi nahi dekha kabhi (I heard so many people say while they were leaving that they haven’t seen anything like this). Thank you for this film and brilliant. I don’t think I will recover from this experience, not for another week. wow!”

Rishab Shetty starrer ‘Kantara’ has won the hearts of the Indian audience across the country, which has translated well at the box office. The action-thriller movie, which debuted on September 30, has been written, produced, and directed by Rishab Shetty. It’s Hindi version has earned Rs 15.05 cr Nett at the Box Office.