Bengaluru To Get Smart AI-Based Signals To Reduce Traffic Congestion in the City

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Bengaluru will soon have Artificial Intelligence (AI) based traffic signals to reduce congestion. The AI system’s camera will read density and change the signal accordingly. Currently, there are 35 traffic signals in the city that are AI adaptive.

Smart Traffic Signals

Bengaluru is often described as the Silicon Valley of India as it is home to a number of IT industry. However, the city traffic is a mess, in Bengaluru Two-wheelers continue to dominate the roads, estimating up to 73% of its total vehicular population, followed by cars (20%). Traffic congestion at one junction multiplies problems. If you clear a certain part of the jam, the traffic clears up faster than you would expect. Originally, traffic lights were advanced to ease congestion and bring order to avoid mess up roads. But believe it not, traffic lights make the job much more difficult.

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Every road has its momentum. The more often this momentum is changed, the slower it moves and the more overcrowded it gets. However, there is the only solution, we need traffic signals that collect data from all directions and adjust the signal accordingly. The system should be cable of easing the traffic flow on the roads without making many alterations in the momentum. Good for us, we have a system called Artificial Intelligent Traffic System.

Adopting such systems

The Indian government is slowly moving towards adopting such systems in its regions. Bengaluru has become a fresh member to join this elite group of cities that have adopted AI-based traffic signals. Having such systems in traffic-congested areas will ease the moment of vehicles.

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The Commissioner of Police BR Ravikanthe Gowda has said, “AI-enabled cameras will manage traffic mass and calculate the time it would take to clear the particular flow of traffic and accordingly manage the signal lights. Meanwhile, a countdown timer in the AI-enabled device could help vehicles save fuel and will manage the changing of signals for smoother movement. At present, around 35 traffic signals are AI-adaptive.”

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In the previous year, the Delhi Police had announced to establish AI traffic signals at a project worth Rs 1,000 crore. The system has high-resolution CCTV cameras and automated number plate recognition cameras to capture commuters breaking the laws and directly sending the challan home.