40 Classic Indian Ads Are Hidden In This Painting; Can You Find Them All?

The nineties were the time when social media was yet to make an entry and television was at its peak in India. The cable television had ushered in the dawn of new channels such as Zee TV giving tough competition to the monopoly of Doordarshan. And also it was a time when the electronic media was booming and became more creative and innovative.  

Today’s kids who watch the series on OTT platforms without any interruption from the advertisements in between cannot understand the special place the advertisements enjoyed in the hearts of every TV viewer in those days.


That is why when a painting that is a sort of collage of 40 most famous advertisements went viral on Twitter, it became quite trendy with many viewers trying out to find their favorite television ads and enjoying the fun.   

The painting has been shared by Vaibhav Shah who captioned it, “This painting has 40 best Indian ads hidden, including all the classics. Lovely little trip for the nostalgia lovers. Have fun. And reward yourself with some jalebis when done. Kyonki Surf ki kharidari mein hi samajhdaari hai.”

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Once you have tried it all and undoubtedly identified at least a few of them if you have a curiosity to get them all, a Twitter user Karthik has made a provision for that as well. He has numbered all these ads and given the details in a list.

Check them below:

Now Check the list:


According to this.

1 – Happy Dent

2 – Asian Paints


3 – Vodafone Zoo Zoo

4 – Maruti Suzuki

5 – Vicks

6 – Bournvita


7 – Surf (Lalita Ji)

8 – ECE Bulbs

9 – Fevicol

10 – Colgate

11 – Dhara


12 – Humara Bajaj

13 – Cadbury Dairy Milk

14 – Palmolive ( Kapil Dev)

15 – Gillette

16 – Whisper

17 – Coca Cola

18 – Liril

19 – VIP Frenchie

20 – MRF Zigma

21 – Hutch

22 – Fevikwik

23 – Lifebuoy

24 – Nike

25 – Brooke Bon Taj Mahal Tea

26 – Nirma

27 – Lijjat Papad

28 – Onida TV

29 – Surf Excel

30 – Idea Cellular

31 – Airtel Internet

32 – Britannia Glucon D

33 – Pepsi

34 – Cadbury 5 star

35 – Pepsi (Dhoni)

36 – Google

37 – Ariel

38 – Balbir Pasha Ko AIDS Hoga Kya?

39 – Amul

40 – Madhya Pradesh Tourism