3 Shots In The Teaser Of Popcorn Monkey Tiger Which Prove It Could Have A ‘Kaage Bangara’ Reference

Popcorn Monkey Tiger, the upcoming movie directed by Duniya Suri is in the news for its spectacular teaser, which showcased realism in a whole new way. The movie stars two powerhouse performers in ‘Daali Dhananjaya and Niveditha, while the music has been composed by Charan Raj.

In one of the interviews regarding this movie, Suri revealed that there could be references for his long-delayed film ‘Kaage Bangara’ in ‘Popcorn Monkey Tiger’. Well, for the starters, ‘Kaage Bangara’ is the highly anticipated prequel to Suri’s sleeper hit ‘Kendasampige’, that released a few years go. While ‘Kendasampige’ was lauded for its slick screenplay & direction, the late twist, that of a prequel for the movie set the tone for a common question in all of Suri’s interviews – that of ‘Kaage Bangara’s’ release.


Well, it seems the maverick director has found a way to satisfy the fans of this movie as he looks to have thrown in tiny references about the film in ‘Popcorn Monkey Tiger’. We scanned the teaser of the ‘Daali’-starrer in view of this and found a few interesting shots. Maybe, just maybe, we could see a hint of ‘Kaage Bangara’ in PMT based on these shots. Here is more about them.

Prasanth Siddi in the film

Well, Suri has said it & there is no way Prasanth Siddi would be seen in a different role from his ‘Kendasampige’ character in PMT. Prasanth is definitely an important part of ‘Kaage Bangara’ and hence if at all he is acting in ‘Popcorn Monkey Tiger’, it should have a link to this movie.

popcorn monkey
Courtsey: PRK Audio

That money-filled bag

Not once, but twice do we notice a ‘bag’ that is treasured very carefully by some of the characters in the teaser. Of course, Prashanth Siddi is the guy who is holding it & we all know he made away with something similar in ‘Kendasampige’. We will allow you to connect the dots here & imagine the rest.


Courtsey: PRK Audio

Why is Suri hiding it?

There are two shots of Prashant Siddi with the ‘bag’ and Suri has not shown it clearly on both occasions. While one-shot is blurred, the other flashes quickly and the characters are only shown from behind. We all know that this sequence could be a pivotal moment in the movie and we just can’t stop connecting it to the storyline of ‘Kendasampige’ & ‘Kaage Bangara’.

Courtsey: PRK Audio

Here is the teaser.