‘The Kashmir Files’ Row: People Dressed In Saffron Scarf Were Denied Entry Into The Theaters

A fight broke out at a film theatre in Nashik after some women who arrived to watch ‘The Kashmir Files’, wearing saffron scarfs were reportedly made to remove the same before entering the hall.

Controversy yet again

After two weeks since the release of the famous Bollywood film ‘The Kashmir Files,’ the movie is still running on Housefull at several theaters. This film is attracting everyone to its side as it reveals the pathetic incidents of the 1990s in the Kashmir Valley. The film starring Anupam Kher and Mithun Chakraborty has created a stir at the box office.


Meanwhile, many controversies related to this film are growing day by day as the film makes an impact at the box office. An incident related to ‘The Kashmir Files’ was witnessed in Nashik, Maharashtra. A group of women came together to watch the film wearing saffron scarves, however, the guards present there denied entry into the theater and asked to remove the scarf.

Fight over a saffron scarf 

A woman among the audience said, “The women had joined a group that was assisting them to watch ‘The Kashmir Files’. The group had no badge or anything of that kind, so they provided them with saffron scarfs for their identification as part of the group. There was nothing else behind it.” Nevertheless, the women denied accepting this. The matter further escalated to a scuffle.

A police officer stated that it was a small conflict, which later concluded.