The Kashmir Files: How Bollywood Media Mafia Tried To Stop The Film But Couldn’t

No Bollywood support, lesser screenings, controversies, and no paid media promotion, this is how ‘The Kashmir Files’ encountered all obstacles.

Bollywood mafia

After the release, The Kashmir Files garnered an exceptional reaction from the audience. The film not only surpassed expectations and outperformed at the box office but also gained an IMDb rating of perfect 10. The movie also saw some obstacles as many Twitter users claimed of Bollywood mafia trying to stop the screening of the movie. Yet, The Kashmir Files has shattered the BO.


There is no secret that the charming world of Bollywood has a rather dark underworld. Anything that makes such large amounts of money is destined to be run by the mafia.

Even before the release, The Kashmir Files movie was involved in a controversy that continued even after its release. The filmmaker had asserted that Kapil Sharma declined to invite him on The Kapil Sharma Show as there was no big star in the movie. That led to #BoycottKapilSharmaShow trending on Twitter. However, the comedian rubbished the claims.

No mainstream support

Some media giants also tried to defame the film by calling it “not so interesting”. Recently, a well-known media giant has given 1.5/ 5, despite the movie receiving a positive reaction from everyone. Well, this reveals a lot about the narrative these so-called media brings to the table.


That’s not it, many Bollywood Celebrities and Mainstream reviewers have opted to remain silent over the movie. Even though the film is doing well at the Box Office, nobody from the mainstream film industry had praised it.

A Twitter user said that Bollywood had stood up and supported The Aryan Khan’s drug row, demanding justice to the ‘star kid’, now when it comes to the life of Hindus who were slaughtered, kidnapped, raped, and driven away from their homes; the celebrities are silent.

The stopping of the screenings 

To make it worse, The Kashmir Files’ screening was also stopped at some of the multiplexes. Giving some unfactual reasons.


A user shared a video from a multiplex that shows how viewers are getting thrashed and assaulted in Wave Mall of Jammu.

The tweet read, “We are here in @wavecinemas Jammu, Just now the authorities here stopped the screening of THE KASHMIR FILES People are being thrashed and assaulted! Big propaganda is running to Muzzle the voice of truth.”

Moreover, The Kashmir Files is being screened only in nine theaters in Kerala. Even though netizens are demanding theater owners to screen this movie in more theaters, the film is still running on a few multiplex screens in cities like Cochin, Thiruvananthapuram, and Thrissur.


Despite all of it ‘The Kashmir Files’ has taken the box office by storm. As the opening day box office collected 3.55 cr on Friday, the film witnessed a collection of Rs 8.50 cr on Saturday and Rs 15.10 cr on Sunday, a 300 percent increase on the third day of its release.

Not just India, the movie highlighting the dilemma of Kashmiri pandits has resonated well across the globe as it made Rs 2.15 crore at the global box office.