Did Karnataka Media Ban D Boss Darshan? Actor Pens An Emotional Note

Kannada Superstar Darshan aka D Boss has responded after he was banned by the media house. His fans and supporters have come out in support of the actor and have slammed the media for taking such a decision.

The full story

It all started when a voice note of Challenging Star Darshan became viral on social media. In this audio conversation, which is claimed to be between Darshan and Media personnel, the actor is heard yelling at a person and cursing the media house with offensive language.


After this conversation went viral, reports suggested that Darshan was banned by the media house for disrespecting them. Amid this, D-Boss supporters took to Twitter and other social media platforms to show support for their beloved star.

Several fans shared a post that read, “We have celebrated his movies from decades when there was no proper media. Now Media has banned him and targeted him just because he stood to himself.”

He doesn’t need Media but Media needs him for TRP. We will show what is the meaning of the movie celebration without media support during his Kranti release. He will remain People’s Champion Forever,” the post added.


Seeing how the fans reacted to the news, D-Boss took to his Twitter Account and penned a heartfelt message for his fans. He wrote in Kannada, “I am grateful to my fans who are my celebrities. Also, I am overwhelmed and I have no words to express your love and support.”

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