10 Talented Filmmakers Who Could Helm A Web-Series In Kannada

kannada web series directors

It is highly inevitable that the wave of web-series will reach Sandalwood in the coming years. Top filmmakers of other South Indian industries are already toying with the idea, and it will just be a matter of time before Kannada directors start thinking realistically about it.

When it comes to directing a web-series, although not predefined, a filmmaker will be preferred to have a certain set of qualities. One, he must be known for content that will impress the audience in web-space, and two, he must be able to grab the viewer in a cinematic format that web-space content demands.


Keeping all of this in mind, in this article, we have curated a list of ten Kannada filmmakers who seem capable of helming a web-series in Kannada.


Two things about Soori. Firstly, his choice of content resonates well with the younger generation, most of whom watch plenty of web-series. Secondly, Soori’s screenplay’s are extremely engaging. Hence, two important boxes are ticked for the talented filmmaker to take up a project in Kannada.

duniya soori

Pawan Kumar

He has already had the experience of doing it in Bollywood, and hence, with his visionary thoughts, Pawan Kumar seems fit to direct a web-series in Kannada. If at all a big OTT ever approaches a Kannada filmmaker to direct something, the first on the list will definitely be Mr. Pawan.


pawan kumar kannada


Not much regarding his choice of subjects but since Upendra always seems to have fresh ideas up his sleeves and if the Kannada web-space needs a big kickoff, Uppi is the right man to do the job.

upendra 50th movie

Rishabh Shetty

Each of Rishabh Shetty’s films so far have been in different genres, and this shows why the man is so versatile in his act. Also, most of his attempts have been experiments, and this pattern of thinking could help him conceive a wonderful idea for a web-series in Kannada.

bell bottom

KM Chaitanya

With this man, we are thinking of a underworld subject to get the web-series wave started in Kannada. He did a great job with Aa Dinagalu, and may be, if he goes back and forth, there is already a brilliant idea in store for a underworld web-series.


Arvind Sastry

Having directed Kahi and Alidu Ulidavaru so far, Arvind has established himself as a reliable filmmaker in KFI. His sensibilities look great, and seems just fit for a dark web-series in Kannada.

Adarsh Eshwarappa

Adarsh is undoubtedly a brilliant filmmaker. If you take what he has done till now, somehow, we get the feeling that he can ace a web-series as well. Especially if you take Shuddhi, this story itself has the flesh to be stretched into a web-series.


With Bell Bottom, Jayatheertha showed his abilities in keeping the audience engaged until the last twist gets revealed in the story. This is just the right approach for content in the web-space, and therefore, we have Jayatheertha in our list.


Ramesh Indira

A TV-serial director to start with, Ramesh Indira impressed all with his ability to tell a solid story on the big-screen in the form of Premier Padmini. This man knows the sensibilities of both sides, and hence, we feel, he could be a good pick.

D Satya Prakash

Satya Prakash is already a popular name in the industry with the two brilliant hits he has given so far. His stories seem to touch the underground realities of the society, and this is where he can strike big with a web-series.