10 Least known weight loss diets that actually works

With so many diets available nowadays, you don’t know which are the ones that you can trust? Well, we found 10 of the most popular fat and weight loss diets that actually work. And if you’re into investigating diet plans, it’s definitely worth taking a look at the whole list.

High fibre diet

Foods with high fibre like cucumber can be the best option. It contains fibre and minerals which are effective for weight loss.


Chia seeds diet

Black chia seeds are a good source of fibre, low in calories and have antioxidants. They are good for weight loss in any drink.

Low-Carb Diet

The low-carb diet focuses on low carbohydrate content foods and helps you lose weight quickly.

Volumetric Diet

This diet includes eating high volume and low-density foods that are low in calories. You can fill up your stomach without taking many calories. It makes you feel fuller faster that too for a longer duration.


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Raw food diet

In this diet, you eat foods that haven’t been cooked, processed genetically engineered, or exposed to any kinds of pesticides. It involves eating plenty of fresh fruits, veggies, and seeds in their natural state.

Gluten free diet

Foods that contain gluten usually contain a lot of carbohydrates. Bread and pasta are prime examples of it. Gluten is high in carbs and avoiding it helps you with the low-calorie intake.


Liquid diet

Most people do not know that drinking a lot of water can improve their metabolism and it also fills up their stomach, which helps in avoid craving.

Only day diet

Studies have shown that the people who avoid eating at night are more fit and slim than those who eat late in the night.

Split your diet

Increase the frequency of your diet and decrease the volume.


Cabbage soup diet

Eating green is always beneficial, especially when it is cabbage. This diet is not commonly used, but mind you, it is very effective.

Have you got your fat loss diet now? Pick any of the above diets and start following it. Well, that’s far better than quitting.

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