PM Modi Launched ‘Fit India Movement’ Urged People To Take Part In Fitness Movement

fit india movement

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s next aim is to see Billions of people in the country staying fit and healthy. He has now launched a ‘Fit India Moment’ campaign to inspire people to engage themselves in physical activities.

Fit India Moment

On Thursday, August 29th Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a nationwide campaign to urge people to indulge in physical and sports activities in their day to day lives. The ceremony took place in Indra Gandhi Indoor Stadium, New Delhi on the event of National Sports day. Prime Minister was accompanied by Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju, Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan and Human Resource Development Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal.


source: thehindu

“Fitness has been an essential part of our way of life. But over time, we have become indifferent to fitness. Till a few decades ago, a normal person used to walk 8-10 kilometers in a day. Then gradually technology developed, modern means came and the person’s walking was decreased,” said the Prime Minister.

The importance of fitness

The ceremony also displayed the culture of India; dance, martial arts, yoga, and sports. Modi also said indulging ourself in these physical activities one may never have to suffer from the disease.

“Today, many lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension are increasing in India. Look around you, you will find many people suffering from them. Earlier we used to hear that the risk of heart attack increases after the age of 50-60, now the youth of 35-40 years is having a heart attack,” he said.


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PM Modi had also been requesting people to take part in the ‘Fit India Moment’ in ‘Mann Ki Baat’ show.

“The relationship between success and fitness is also interlinked. Take any field today, look at your icons, see their success stories, whether they are in sports, films, business, most of them are fit,” he added.



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