When Do You Know That The Back Pain Is Severe And Needs Attention?

source: medicalnewstoday

Well, this is the twenty-first century we are dwelling in and the increasingly pressurizing lifestyles of people are taking a toll on their health. From diabetes, weight gain, obesity, high blood pressure to mental health issues, there is no dearth of health ailments. One of the most everyday health ailments that fall under the chronic pain category is backache.

A survey states that irrespective of age, nearly seventy percent of the living individuals on the planet complain about backache, miss work, pop pain killers and visit health clinics due to it. It is an increasingly common problem that is experienced by a large number of people in today’s time.


The problem of back pain is experienced by patients due to many reasons. However, most of them tend to take it on a light note. The body functionalities are quite complex and just because the health symptoms might seem insignificant, it does not mean that the consequences shall be the same. It is important that you pay some good heed to your health if the symptoms of backache are taking a different track. This article shall discuss some of the crucial symptoms that indicate that your backache is not a regular one anymore and requires intensive treatment.

If your backache is accompanied by high temperature – If you are just not affected by back pain but also frequent fevers that come and go, then it can indicate symptoms of infection in the spin. You may also face sleep disorders while experiencing these symptoms.

The back pain is severe and does not go away with rest – Regular backaches often fade with rest and application of pain relief ointments. When it is not so, it important that you pay some extra attention to your back problem.


Back pain with severe numbness and weakness – Well, backache with these
symptoms can be indicating a long term problem as well. If you feel numb while trying to move your feet, legs and it is accompanied by a bad backache, this can lead to a nerve issue. In some cases, you might also require surgical, or paralysis treatment and your health professional would be the best person to prescribe a particular treatment.

Skeletal irregularities, Bulging or ruptured disks, Muscle or ligament strain, Osteoporosis, and even arthritis are some of the adverse causes of backache. When any of these are the reasons for your backache, leaving these health ailments as it is can lead to more significant dangers and immediate treatments is absolutely necessary.

Many tend to ignore a back pain but the approach is not suitable when the backache is serious. You can apply the home remedies for a certain amount of time. But in case you notice that it is not working and is lasting way longer than usual, it is best not to delay the treatment. It is imperative that you try to understand the nature of the pain, how long it lasts, whether it is spreading or not and how your body is
responding to the treatments you have been using so far. Safety lies in scrutinizing the details and it is time you take the right approach to your backache healing.