Unhealthy food that we believe are healthy for life


Food, clothes, and shelter are the basic need of a human being. Out of these three, today we will be talking about food. There are many foods which we believe are healthy but there are many foods which we are consuming is unhealthy but not to worry as I am going to let you know the foods which are unhealthy and good to be avoided.

Unhealthy food that we believe are healthy for life

Let me start with white bread which all of us had consumed at least once in a lifetime. We were told that all kinds of bread is good for consumption but certainly white bread is bad for your health and better to be avoided.

There isn’t any known benefits or good effects of consuming cheese but it’s definitely bad for your health to consume processed cheese.

Candy is sold worldwide but very few know that it’s not good for your health as it contains large amounts of refined white sugar. Which leads to abnormal weight gain, decay and it also effects the immune system. Once habituated, when you try to cut sugar from your diet you may experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, depression and unwanted mood swings.

Most of us love French fries but we are ignorant about the bad effects of consuming it. It creates carcinogenic compounds like acrylamide which is also found in plastics and cigarette smoke. So next time you order French fries, remember the bad effects and better not to take a risk.

Bad news for the non-vegetarians as the processed meat like ham, bacon, hot dogs and salami are often manufactured with sodium nitrite, a cancer-causing nitrosamine.
Popcorns sold in theaters are not advisable to eat as it contains a huge amount of saturated fats which effects your health in a negative manner, so save money and health at the same by avoiding it.

Nuts in all forms are good to be consumed but eating too much of peanuts is definitely bad for your health as it contains high level of saturated fats in them which may later result as heart attack, stroke, clogged arteries, high blood pressure, digestive problem and pens the door for other illness and health complications.
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