10 Kannada Movie ‘Plots’ Which Can Be Stretched Into A Web-Series/TV-Show

There is a new mold of cinema out there, which, as many predict, is anticipated to be a robust hallmark of our mode of entertainment in the future. Of course, it already is, although when it comes to Kannada, the structure is still being explored only quite mildly.

There a couple of stories and characters that tailor perfectly to the fabrication of a Web Series or a TV Show. While they are memorable, of course, these flicks can be amplified into a lengthier version for yet another satisfying watch. ‘Humble Politician Nograj’ is one such example that is already in the works, and so, here are the other Kannada Films which could follow suit.


Guru Shishyaru – An episodic Comedy-Drama

The characters of this movie have been firmly established, and similar to a TVF Format, if makers can try bringing out a different concept every episode, ‘Guru Shishyaru’ could be an entertaining TV show.

Aa Karaala Raathri – A single-season Suspense-Thriller

One of the most underrated thrillers of Sandalwood, Aa Kaarala Raathri can be a real-time thriller that can be fleshed into the episodic form. The final episode, if ever made, will be a really engaging one.

Sangolli Rayanna -A Historical Show

A character that has got plenty of dimensions and relevance in the Records, Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna could be at the center of a Historical TV Show.


Bell Bottom – Retro Thriller Drama

Not many have dealt with the retro-genre when it comes to web-series. Detective Dhivakara is a fine character who can easily entertain and awe us through 10 episodes of a retro detective-drama.

Kiragoorina Gayyaligalu – Rural Episodic Drama

While this movie was a clear entertainer, for makers who are trying to market ‘Four More Shots’, ‘Kiragoorina Gayyaligalu’ could have been a better bet for you.

Kaddipuddi – Gangster Series

Kaddipudi showcases the clear arc of the lead character, something that can be entertaining and moving in the episodic structure too.


Rama Rame Re – Fugitive Thriller

There are plenty of memorable characters in this movie, and a decent story is in place too. The making of this film is very fresh and could make for a good watch on Netflix/Prime.

Aa Dinagalu – Based on True Incidents

Multiple real stories of the Mafia and the Underworld have been told as web series, and with plenty of stuff on offer, the story of the Bengaluru Underworld is seriously worth a web-series.

Thithi – A single-season Wonder

The characters and the realistic sequences can be easily divided into episodes and crafted into a single-season show for the taking.



Navagraha – Heist Thriller

Well, for the Money Heist fans, Navagraha can surely be up there, if developed and made well into a TV Show.