Ever Wondered What Happened to Ayodhya after Rama?

If every religion has a story to tell, for us, Indians, we have two great epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata. The prime character in this article, Shri Rama is noted for his sheer patience and bravery. He is best known as Lord Vishnu’s seventh avatar. It is very rare, that with 33 crore Gods in Hinduism, none got the name of “Maryadha Purushottam.”

He was the very embodiment of a perfect human being. He remained an ideal son, brother, caring husband, who fathered his sons without a mother. Well, what were the events after he left his human body? This is what we are about to find in this article.


Ayodhya after Rama

What happened to Raghuvamsha and Ayodhya After Rama?

When Lord Rama left his mortal remains to become one with the Supreme Power, a turn of events happened in Ayodhya. In fact, among his twin sons, the elder Kush took over the mantle and ruled Ayodhya. But unlike his father or his great ancestors, he was not considered a wise king as he quarreled with the Nagas. The Raghuvamshi’s fame of not suffering defeat in a fight ended with him. He lost a duel and his life to a devil by name Durjaya. After Kush’s death, his son became the successor to the throne by name Atithi.


Before Rama mixes with the Supreme, scriptures go by the popular saying, he made Hanuman promise to remain on Mother Earth until the time, Ramayan was recited. It is said, even today, Hanuman fulfills the promise. And Lord Hanuman appears multiple times in Mahabharat.

With Arjuna

Upon reaching Rameshwaram and viewing the mighty bridge built by Rama, Arjuna wonders as to why the Divine Prince did not build the road with arrows. Hanuman arrives in the form of a small monkey and challenges Arjuna to build a bridge with arrows. But the argument was, the bridge should not break or else Arjuna will have to sacrifice his body in the fire.


Arjuna tries many times to build the bridge, but Lord Hanuman in disguise easily breaks it down with his weight. Just when Arjuna was about to jump into the fire, Lord Krishna arrives in the form of a Brahman. He wants to see the bridge again. This time, Arjuna builds the bridge and try as he might, Hanuman fails to break the bridge, because Krishna had placed his Sudharshana Chakra below the bridge.

It was then Lord Hanuman realizes the Lord in his new avatar. As a blessing to Arjuna, he promises to be in the flag of Arjuna’s chariot. And he does.

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Ayodhya after Rama

With Bheema

Draupadi, asks Bheema to bring a specific flower. Bheema becomes proud of his immense strength searches the flower and chances on Lord Hanuman. It is told, that Lord Hanuman took the disguise of an old aged monkey. He laid his tail in the path. There was an argument between Hanuman and Bheema. As part of the agreement, Bheema had to lift Lord Hanuman’s tail and place it sideways. Bheem could not do it. It was then Lord Hanuman being the elder brother of Bheema, showed his true form (both were sons of Vayu).

Ayodhya after Rama


It is the same everywhere. Karya, Kriya, and Shuddi. See the pattern of a family. Very rarely, does Mother Nature wills otherwise. The grandfather will be a poor man, often working immensely to provide food for his family.  The son grows up to be smart, and he becomes a middle-class person. But his son, having seen the sufferings of his father and grandfather, who knows how the world works, will become a rich man.

On the other hand, envision the state of his son. He will grow with the palatial pleasures. No humanity, no family, only wealth. It is very rare, that in these occasions, the son knows how the world works. He will work but has to face challenges to sustain his father’s name and fame. He may suffer losses and becomes a middle-class man. The grandson, who is grown with wealth loses the money what his grandfather has saved for him. And becomes a poor man. The life cycle starts again.


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There are occasions when generation after generation have sustained name and fame. But just check their lineage after few centuries. They would have disappeared. Strange, but this is how Mother Nature works. As for the events be folding after Rama’s exit, things point to spiral stairs downward.

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