What Caused the ‘Fan War’ between Appu and Darshan fans? Details inside

Darshan recently had to face the wrath of Punneth Rajkumar fans as one of them attacked the Kranti actor with a slipper. This incident happened while the challenging star was busy promoting for Kranti at Hosapete. Here’s the reason why all this row transpired.

The story

Kranti’s second song ‘Bombe Bombe’ was released in Hosapete Ballari. There was a special event organized at the place to launch the music and Challenging star Darshan and Rachita Ram were also present. However, before the event could have begun, Puneeth Rajkumar and Darshan fans were caught up in a dispute.


Before the song release event kicked off, many Puneeth fans charged the stage and raised ‘Appu’ slogans. After this, a quarrel broke out between D-boss fans and Appu fans and the police had to control the situation.

Notably, it all started after Puneeth Rajkumar fans allege that some insensitive Darshan fans wrote offensive statements on Puneeth’s Death post. It further prompted Appu fans to take revenge and were waiting for Darshan and his fans to come to Hosapete for Kranti’s promotion.

The situation cooled off when Darshan offered a garland for Puneeth Rajkumar’s statue. However, while Rachita Ram was delivering a speech about the film, angry Appu fans attacked Darshan with a slipper.


Reacting instantly, D-Boss came up with a calmer response. He says in Kannada, “Tappenu illa chinna parvagilla (It’s ok dear, nothing was wrong)”

Sharp reactions

A new kind of war broke out on the internet while most came out in support of Kranti star.