“Of course, I made mistakes. I know where I went wrong”: R Chandru’s Honest Confession on Kabzaa

Kabzaa stars Kichcha Sudeep and Upendra in the lead roles. After the film failed to match up with the expectations of the moviegoers, director R Chandru has open up about his mistakes in the film.

R Chandru’s Honest Confession

The recent release Film Kabzaa, starring Kichcha Sudeep, Shriya Saran, and Upendra in significant roles, struggled to get numbers at the box office. The movie that was mounted on a huge scale fell short of expectations. Despite being released in multiple languages and heavily promoted, the film failed to get enough footfalls in theatres.


Despite all the failures, director R Chandru is still serious about making Kabzaa 2. He believes that a director’s biggest motive is to ensure his producer doesn’t lose hope.

Having said that, Chandru speaks about the film’s shortcomings and people mistaking his straightforward nature for brazen confidence.

Speaking to The Hindu, the filmmaker said, ” I called a set of industry friends and spoke to them about my dream project Kabzaa. I chose Upendra because I was convinced he was well suited to the role of a pilot-turned-gangster. As for the production quality, people aim for the sky, but I touched the galaxy. People commented behind my back. They said Kabzaa would be a washout, and I would lose everything. Even Upendra wasn’t sure if I would invest in him more than his market value.”


“Today, I can proudly say that I don’t owe anyone any money. The film is a huge hit on Prime Video. It’s in the list of trending films on the streaming site, just like how KGF: Chapter 2, and Kantara were. Representatives from Prime Video called to say they were happy with how the film has performed so far on the platform and said they are interested in buying the sequel as well.”

Criticism behind Kabzaa

The 43-year-old further spoke about the criticism he received from Kabzaa. Chandru thinks that it is his first Pan India film and that mistakes are quite common. “Of course, I made mistakes, but you have to understand that this is my first pan-Indian film. I know where I went wrong even if I haven’t discussed my mistakes openly. As a producer, I was involved in a lot of work weeks before the film’s release. I couldn’t focus on the film’s technical work. I need to plan the sequel’s release in a better way. There were learnings too. I understood how well we can release films globally. Kabzaa 2 will release in more countries.”

“I respect critics. My grandfather would say ‘You must be close to those who criticize you because you can always improve yourself and understand what people think of you’. In fact, I don’t get carried away by positive reviews; I look for critical reviews because they expose your mistakes. As for critics who make derogatory comments and personal attacks and take money to write reviews, I have decided to take legal action against them.”