“I always support Kannada films, But this time..”: Theatre owner Manoj Desai on Kabzaa

Kabzaa stars Kichcha Sudeep and Upendra in the lead roles. The film appears to have failed to match up with the expectations of the moviegoers. Mumbai theatre owner Manoj Desai said that the audience did not love the film.

Kabzaa’s poor performance

Upendra and Kiccha Sudeep’s Kabzaa, which was released in theaters on March 17, 2023, is stumbling to make good numbers at the box office. Despite having a big release on over 4,000 screens and in 5 languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada, the film has performed underwhelmingly at the box office.


On Day 11 of its release, Kabzaa collected approximately Rs 0.08 crore in Hindi. The film minted roughly Rs 1.07 crore in the Kannada language.

Manoj Desai, Executive Director of G7 multiplex and Maratha Mandir Cinema, in a video explained why Upendra and Kiccha Sudeep starrer failed to make up an impact at the Box Office.

“Kabzaa ka Kabzaa nahi karpaya (we did not make profits with Kabzaa). Ultimately Public did not like it. The film has gone too soon.”


Theatre owner Manoj Desai on Kabzaa

The host of Filmi Fever asks Manoj- ‘you have always supported Pan India films from Kannada Industry like KGF, Kantara, and 777 Charlie but this time what do you have to say.’

He replies, “If an ordinary person suddenly becomes a Gangster, chops off heads, and displays cruelty- these things people do not accept. It’s not that I have rejected the film, the people have given their verdict. And this is the reason I had to remove the film from my theaters.”

On making Kabzaa’s comparison with Yash starrer KGF, Manoj strongly believes that if a genre of a film is repeated again and again, the public will reject it. “There are a few things repeated in this film. But yes, if the film had good content things would have been different. But I am disappointed,” Manoj concludes.


Here’s the video: