“Some people are Jealous”: R Chandru on Critics calling him ‘Overconfident’

Having recently announced a sequel to Kabzaa, R Chandru discusses the “conspiracy” that prevented his first pan-Indian film from finding success in the Hindi belt.

R Chandru being a filmmaker

Upendra, Sudeep, Shivarajkumar, and Shriya Saran starrer Kabzaa was released across India on March 17. Despite the poor reviews, the film’s director and co-producer R Chandru has already set his mind that the movie was a hit and the second part of the film he promises will be a grand affair.


In an interview with The Hindu, the filmmaker was asked to open up about how he was received by the audience after Kabzaa’s release.

R Chandru said, “People were impressed with the technical aspects of the film. The film enjoyed a good response in South India. In the north, it suffered due to several framed reviews. It was a planned attack on my film. I feel there is a popular distributor behind this conspiracy. We didn’t give the film to him for distribution in the Hindi belt. Obviously, he wasn’t happy about it. On the day of the film’s release, there were negative video reviews at 6:30 AM, three hours before the morning show. I know how to ensure this won’t happen again to my films.”

The 43-year-old was constantly targeted for being Overconfident about his film and its performance in Ticket Window. The Filmmaker says that he has no backing and believes in hard work and it is not wrong to be confident about one’s project.


“I have thought about this. See, I am not a son of a famous actor or a director. To do a Kabzaa, I don’t have a Vijay Kiragandur (from Hombale Films), or a Dil Raju (a Telugu producer). So I became a producer myself. I gave everything to this project. Only I know what I had to lose to make this film happen. Since I am the one bankrolling it, I have to talk about the film a lot to widen its reach. That’s when jealousy creeps in. I don’t want to talk about it much and I just want to focus on my work. But if I am left being a one-man army, then I have no option but to sell my film extensively,” R Chandru told the publication.

Plans for Kabzaa 2

Speaking further about his films and Kabzaa 2 the director is confident that the sequel will bring justice to his work.

“If I only look to cater to a star’s image, the story will suffer. If I focus only on the story, then the stars will look out of place on-screen. So I will strive to strike a balance between the story and the reputation of the stars involved.”


“I will plan well and offer timely updates. If I say something now, people will form their theories, and come to the film with wrong expectations,” he concludes.