Upendra Confused The Journalist. He Said, “Nimgu Naama Haakavre Nodkolamma”

Upendra’s new Kannada film titled ‘UI’ was launched on Friday at Bhandemahakali Temple in Gavipura Guttahalli, Bengaluru. During the press conference, Uppi’s interaction with a female journalist is winning the internet, Netizens say ‘Master is back’.

The launch event 

On Friday morning, Upendra’s upcoming directorial ‘UI’, was launched, at a formal pooja event. The event’s chief guest was actor Shivarajkumar, who was joined by Kiccha Sudeep, Duniya Vijay, Dhananjaya, and Vasishta Simha.


The poster for the upcoming film features a concept design that mimics the mysterious symbol ‘UI.’ The presence of a horse-like animal and a half-face of Upendra in the poster, makes it unusual and interesting. In another poster, Upendra has shown a human brain, bounded by two thorns. Upendra captioned this poster as a ‘storm of intellect’. Fans have turned their heads scratching after they witnessed this poster.

With the film ‘UI,’ Upendra returns to directing after a seven-year break. His most recent film ‘Uppi 2’ was released in 2015.

The savage answer 

While attending the ceremony Upendra had placed ‘Naama’ on his foreheads which depicts the theme of the film. Placing a naama on the forehead usually denotes that one is getting ‘cheated’. Questioning about the same the female journalist asks Uppi if had placed the namma on his forehead so that no one genuinely can cheat on him.


For this, Upendra has a hilarious answer. He tells the journalist, “You also have a Namma on your forehead but it is invisible. You cannot see it but someone has already placed a namma for you. This film ‘UI’ is like a mirror itself. If you watch this you will see all sorts of namma on your forehead.” The whole auditorium busted into laughter after this statement.

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