Udaipur Man Names His Son ‘Congress’ To Prove His Loyalty To The Political Party

source: timesnow

If you think your name is not cool and always curse your parents to have given you such a weird name, then you must definitely check out this toddler who has just got his name of a political party. In a very shocking event, a man in Udaipur names his newborn child as ‘Congress’ to prove his loyalty to the party.

Naming a Baby ‘Congress’

Vinod Jain from Udaipur, who works in the media department of the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, has decided to name his son Congress Jain, after the Indian National Congress. He believes that this is an appropriate name for his child since his whole family has always been connected with the party.


This move of naming his boy after the party, therefore, shows his loyalty to Congress. He also believed that his son too would enter politics when he turned 18.

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Some members of my family were hesitant to call the baby Congress, but I was fixed and so waited until they came around. Today his birth certificate issued by the state government his name is recorded as Congress Jain,” said Vinod Jain in an interview.

He also informed that it had taken them some time to actually get their hands on the birth certificate for the baby who was born in July of last year.


A great follower of the party 

Jain is a great follower of Ashok Gehlot (Chief Minister of Rajasthan ), a man who serves as an inspiration to him.

“I am inspired by Ashok Gehlot and I have been with Ashok Gehlot and with I think that when my kid turns 18 years old he will also initiate a political career.”

The little baby ‘Congress’ is the second child for Vinod Jain who was born 18 years after his first child a daughter.


“I kept this name with a hope that my child will also play an active role in the Congress party,” he further added.