Upendra Trolls political parties for giving ‘Free Cookers’; Explains the ‘Scam’ like a Boss

Famous actor, director, and Prajakiya Party Founder Upendra is in the news for all good reasons. In an interview, the Real Star was seen questioning other political parties for offering people freebies and misleading them during elections. The video is now going viral.

Uppi’s Prajakiya 

Even as the three political parties (BJP, Congress, and JDS) in the State are fighting hard for assembly elections, actor-turned-politician, Upendra, who is leading his Uttama Prajakiya Paksha (UPP) from the front, is in action, on all TV Channels.


In a now-viral video, Kabzaa star Upendra slams all the political parties in Karnataka for all the evil doings. From giving Free cookers to distributing money, the Real Star pleads with people not to fall into these freebies traps.

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