“The LAST thing I am scared of is Narendra Modi”: Rahul Gandhi

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has again hit out at PM Narendra Modi, saying he did not insult anyone in his speech in Parliament, yet parts of his speech were erased. Gandhi said that it is the PM who insulted him by questioning his surname. Rahul Gandhi also said that he is not scared of PM Modi.

Not afraid of Modi

Reacting to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s jibe at Rahul Gandhi’s surname, the Wayanad MP said that the prime minister insulted him but the remarks were not expunged from the records. He retorted that PM Modi was “shaking” and “drinking water”, and could never reply to the questions he posed on the Adani connection. He also said that the last thing he is scared of is PM Modi.


“I used the most polite language and everything I said was based on proof… the Prime Minister directly insults me. He says why is your name Gandhi and not Nehru. But his words are not taken off the record,” he told a meeting at his constituency in Kerala’s Wayanad.


“All you have to do was to look at my face when I was speaking and his face. Look how many times the PM drank water and how his hands were shaking while drinking water… PM thinks he is mighty and people will get scared of him. PM doesn’t realize the absolute last thing I’m scared of is Narendra Modi. It doesn’t matter if he is the PM of India. Because one day he will be forced to face his truth,” Rahul added.

Speech at the Parliament

The 52-year-old, in his speech at the Parliament, had raised questions regarding the Hindenburg report on Adani Group that accused the alliance of accounting fraud and stock manipulation.


The Congress leader said he asked the Prime Minister some questions about his relationship with Gautam Adani and how the Adani Group has grown so fast. “The Prime Minister did not answer a single question.

To this allegation, the Prime Minister hit back a few days later, while replying to a debate on the President’s speech in Rajya Sabha.

Without naming Rahul Gandhi or the Congress, he said, “If we miss out on mentioning Nehru anywhere, they (Congress) get upset. Nehru was such a great person, then why does none of them use the Nehru surname. What is the shame in using the Nehru name”.