Twitterati Slams WHO And Mocks It As Wuhan Health Organisation

Tedros WHO
Courtesy: Voice of America

The World Health Organisation was at the receiving end of Twitter’s anger. The pre-existing notion of the World Health Organisation’s negligence in handling the COVID-19 outbreak was fueled by the recent press conference held by its director Dr. Tedros.

On Thursday, the World Health Organisation addressed a press conference saying that the measures taken by India are not enough to contain the pandemic. According to them, while a complete lockdown ensures more time and less pressure on the healthcare system, it doesn’t make the pandemic go away. The WHO advised India to conduct more tests and enhance its testing capabilities.


However, this didn’t go well with the Twitteratis. Already frustrated by the lockdown and lack of availability of essentials, the Twitterati slammed WHO for being the ‘lapdog’ of China and misleading the world.