WHO Shows J&K, Ladakh Separate From India In Controversial Map

In a major development, the World Health Organization (WHO) has shared a controversial map in which it has shown Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) and Ladakh separate from India. This error has been made in a map showing the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. It is feared that China may be behind the WHO’s ‘mistake’ considering the relationship between China and WHO that was revealed in the times when COVID-19 was at its peak.

This incident came to light when an Indian living in London stumbled upon the wrong map of India shared on social media. Pankaj, an IT consultant based in London, was the first to see this map. According to him, it was shared on a WhatsApp group.


Criticism on social media

The health agency is being slammed on social media for sharing the incorrect map of India. After the matter came to light, Indians living abroad have also expressed their displeasure over this. They even claimed that at the behest of China, the WHO has shown Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh separately from India.

J&K and Ladakh in different colours

The WHO has shown Ladakh different from India in one of its maps. This colour-coded map is available on the official website of WHO. The Indian part is shown in blue in it, while Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh are marked with grey colour. At the same time, the disputed part of Aksai Chin is in grey colour, which has blue stripes on it. This map is available in the WHO’s ‘Covid-19 Scenario Dashboard’, which shows the country-wise breakup of the confirmed coronavirus cases as well as fatalities.

WHO Issues Clarification

The WHO has issued a clarification on the controversial map and said that it follows the guidelines of the United Nations and publishes maps accordingly.


However, it is different that this argument of the Health Organization is not going well with Indians. They feel that the WHO has made a deliberate mistake at the behest of China.

Apologize Immediately

Nandini Singh, the social media head of Reach India (UK), says that instead of thanking India for the way it has helped the whole world during the pandemic, efforts are being made to harm it by conspiring in this way. WHO should rectify the mistake by apologizing for it immediately.

Source: DNA