This is what the WHO says about NeoCov, the deadliest type of COVID

Scientists from Wuhan in a peer-reviewed journal showcased concern over NeoCov, a variant or a type of COVID 19 that has a higher rate of infection and has no possible cure. Scientists highlighted the fact that it is found in the Bat population of South Africa and is spreading only amongst animals and it will not take long to spread to humans as well.
It is supposed to have a very close resemblance to the coronavirus that caused the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in 2012.

As the news was reported, it created a scare amongst people that a new virus is on the way to creating yet another pandemic. But the experts and WHO have a different take.


What does the WHO (World Health Organisation) say?

The WHO has said, “Whether the virus detected in the study will pose a risk for humans will require further study, Animals, particularly wild animals are the source of more than 75% of all emerging infectious diseases in humans, many of which are caused by novel viruses. Coronaviruses are often found in animals, including in bats which have been identified as a natural reservoir of many of these viruses”.

It was also reported that the WHO is in coordination with the World Organization for Animal Health, the Food and Agriculture Organization to respond to this.

The experts and other scientists are of the opinion that the news was blown out of proportion and needs to be analyzed in the right spirit.
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