This AI-based App predicted how Shashi Tharoor would write a leave note; Internet in Splits

This AI-based Chat Box helped a user write a leave note for the office in Shashi Tharoor’s style. The result from the AI is quite hilarious and it is getting tons of reactions.

AI-based Chat Box

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor has, over the years, been recognized for his elegant English-speaking skills that sometimes lead to a storm of hilarious memes and jokes. Now, AI technology has tried to show how Tharoor would write a leave of absence note due to not feeling the ‘vibes’. This leave note is now going viral as it mimics the 66-year-old politician’s sophisticated English-speaking mannerisms.


On Sunday, a Twitter user named Nishanth Vijayan (@nishanth_who) shared the response to the AI prompt and wrote, “I know everyone’s tired of ChatGPT screenshots, but this is legit GOLD.Prompt: “Write a paragraph explaining my leave of absence tomorrow at work, due to ‘not feeling the vibes’, in the style of Shashi Taroor” @ShashiTharoor”.

Here’s the full text of the AI note:
“As I sit here, staring at the clock ticking away in an obdurate manner, I am filled with a sense of trepidation. The vibes, dear colleagues, are not quite right today. The air is thick with tangible malaise, a feeling of disquiet that permeates my very being. I fear that if I were to step into the office tomorrow, I would be like a fish out of matter, floundering in a sea of ennui. And so, it is with a heavy heart that I must inform you all that I shall be taking a leave of absence tomorrow. I implore you to understand my predicament, for the vibes are a fickle mistress and one never knows when they may take a turn for the worse. Farewell, my friends, and do take care.”

Watching this, even Tharoor reacted to the post and said, “Hilarious. But I really can’t see myself writing anything so jejune!”. As per Google’s English dictionary, ‘jejune’ means naive, simplistic, or superficial.


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