Here Is What Shashi Tharoor Said To Chetan Bhagat’s “Two Kinds Of English” Tweet

Shashi Tharoor, who is also an MP from Kerala, had a funny exchange of words with author Chetan Bhagat on Twitter.

Shashi Tharoor and Chetan Bhagat

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor and author Chetan Bhagat have often engaged themselves in banter on social media. And once again they both had an amusing exchange of words on Twitter.


It all began when Bhagat shared a selfie with the parliamentarian on Twitter and captioned it, “India has two kinds of English. 1) The Shashi Tharoor English. 2) The Chetan Bhagat English.”

Responding to the same, Mr. Tharoor addressed Mr. Bhagat and wrote that “it was a pleasure catching up” and then went on to add in his unique witty comment, “Now how would you say that in Chetan Bhagat English?”

Mr. Bhagat responded quickly saying, “C’mon shashi Ji, this much English even I understand. Can you give more Shashi Tharoor tadka to this sentence below. Those big long words..maza aaye thoda.”


However, the Kerala MP is yet to answer the above request from Chetan Bhagat.

The funny banter 

This is not the first time these two have encountered banter on social media. A couple of years ago, Tharoor had applauded Bhagat on a newspaper report on the country’s economy. He said that it was a “superb piece by Chetan Bhagat on all that ails our country and what we should do about it,”

“His message is clear and I hope his fans in the government act on it,” he adds.


The member of the Lok Sabha is known for his multifarious vocabulary and delights his followers on social media with posts that contain terms that are not normally heard.

In reply, an overjoyed Bhagat said that he was “floating” because “The Shashi Tharoor has praised Chetan Bhagat”. He also requested Tharoor — “Just sir, next time can you use some big words to praise me, like ones that only you can do. Superb is nice but a big one would make my day!”

In his concern, the MP responded and left the internet in splits. “It’s clear you are not sesquipedalian nor given to rodomontade. Your ideas are unembellished with tortuous convolutions and expressed without ostentation. I appreciate the limpid perspicacity of today’s column,” tweeted Tharoor.