16 Things You Will See and Experience in Bangalore traffic and you can’t deny to relate them


Bengaluru and traffic are two bodies and one soul; inseparable. Hell with all the complaints and measures, traffic in the city is getting worse with time and it is only increasing. Thanks to IT revolution. Well, the city was not like this before but as it started growing, every other problem arose. Anyhow, if we have to travel in the city then we have to bear the traffic. We all have stuck in Bengaluru traffic. Admit it. In this context, we have observed few things that happen in Bangalore traffic and you can’t deny to relate them. Check it out.

Things That Happen Only in Bangalore Traffic

You find people showing hands while crossing the road

Bangalore traffic

They expect us to stop and if we don’t then they feel so bad like as if we have stolen their kidney. And few say, ‘Nodkand Barak Aagalwa?’

People who see Daydreams in Traffic

Bangalore traffic

Mostly when stuck in Silk Board traffic.

Those irritating people feeling busy in mobile, not moving even when the signal is turned to Green.

Bangalore traffic

I wonder what these people are doing? I feel like snatching their mobile and throw it in a running BMTC bus.

Have you observed the Racers?

Bangalore traffic

The moment the signal turns to Green, they raise their accelerator and just disappear in seconds.

Irritating BMTC buses which stop here and there without any indication.

Bangalore traffic

Thus creating a Traffic Jam.

Why are so many people coming to my Area?

Bangalore traffic

A thought that often pops up when stuck in a non-moving traffic.

That Awesome moment when Bengaluru Roads are empty


For a second, you don’t feel like you are riding on Bengaluru roads. Isn’t it?

Thoughts that come while stuck in Traffic

I wish I had a superpower like Superman where I could just fly and reach my home.

Why people stay left when they actually want to take a right turn?

Bangalore traffic


That Helpless moment: The Signal has turned to green and you are still unable to move.

Bangalore traffic

Why aren’t they moving? WTF is happening?

Those Surprising turns from Autowalas.

Bangalore traffic


You find people who will be looking for that one gap through which they can pass and move ahead.

Bangalore traffic


On the other hand, there are people who just don’t want to move even though there is a healthy gap.

Bangalore traffic

When I asked one such person, he replied, “Urgent kya hai? Ghar jaake kya Karega?’

God! Please take the eyes of people who put high beam and come in the one-way road.

Bangalore traffic

Horrible people!

You find people who put left indicator and goes right.

Bangalore traffic

But why? Is there right brain not working?

Honkers who just keeps Honking

Bangalore traffic

You find people who honk in an empty road Bro!

Hehe we hope you found this list relateable. If yes then please share with your friends and tag them too. We are sure that there are so many other things you can add to this list. Please comment about your Bangalore traffic experience.

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