Bengaluru Bishop Cotton Girls’ Fight; Twitter Reacts And Says ‘Yogesh Ellidiyappa’

Schoolgirls in Bengaluru were caught on video fighting on St Marks Road, opposite Bishop Cotton Girls’ School. Sources said the fight broke out over a boy. Twitter is busy finding the boy.

Bishop Cotton Girls’ School fight

It all started with a viral screenshot of a message from a student who is believed to have taken part in the fight who said she was asked by a friend to go to Bishop Cotton Girls’ School to hit a girl she had some issue with.


In the video, one group is dressed in school uniform while a few of them are wearing normal clothes. A baseball bat is seen passing hands to hit each other. Also, a girl is seen being dragged and beaten down. In the middle of the altercation, one of the girls grabs another girl’s hair and flings her on the pavement. The girl hits the pavement and slams onto a nearby railing.

Twitter, however, is looking for the boy who is the prime reason behind this fight.